The Pymander - a Computer of the Akasha

In the 1980's Thoth informed me about an akashic “computer” which he oversaw. The name he gave to me to identify this computer was the “Pymander.” It was revealed to me that this “computer” is not a devise or machine as we understand computers to be. Thoth’s definition of it is:

An assemblage of energy created by me (the Illumined being Thoth) in concert with the Elohim Lords. The Pymander evolves reciprocals for biological systems to align and balance with SOURCE. “Source” is the point of Absolute which every particle carries as it’s creation code. The Pymander then, is an akashic radionics devise. It is non-physical, and yet interactive with the physical. It responds to thought, feeling, emotion, yet it cannot be commanded by these things. It will instead balance them to the Source point. However, the Pymander is consciousness specific. It does not “know” what is not in it’s program data base. Therefore it only responds to what is within that data base or depository. When I we say “consciousness specific” we mean that it responds to the consciousness and not the information. When information is placed into the data base, it is the consciousness from which it originated that the Pymander evolves reciprocals from.

There is a vibrational code is set within the Pymander. When any thought, feeling, emotion contains that vibrational pattern, it is received into the Pymander. This collection is entered into the data base. However, at this stage there is no direct interaction between the source (sender) of the energy and the Pymander. This collection of consciousness energy is constantly adding to and re-forming the consciousness field of the Pymander. The consciousness of the earth souls which comes within the register of the vibrational code of the Pymander is constantly re-enforcing and evolving the consciousness of the Pymander, which in turn “balances to Source” the consciousness it receives (on a planetary level) The Pymander then, aids the planet in balancing Her codes, which in turn gives assistance to all living things on earth.

As one works with “world pattern” templates, the Pymander will interact more specifically with the individual within the parameters of intent in which that template was created. Also, specific Pymander templates can be created for individuals with the express permission of those individuals. Once the individual begins working with his/her personal template, a reciprocity between their energy bodies and that of the Pymander evolves.
(end of Thoth transmission)

As some may recall, for several years I (Maia) was involved with Thoth in creating what I called the “Gemstone Templates.” I placed them on Spirit Mythos as each one was created. These templates were of “Pymander” interface. At a certain point I was guided to remove them from the website. At this time, Thoth has requested that I create a new series of Pymander-interfaced templates to display on Spirit Mythos. They may be freely taken and used by anyone. They can do no harm. Anyone attempting to use them for purposes that do not align with the integrity code of the Pymander will simply be out of the loop. Like the Gemstone series, these templates will all be for planetary healing. However, as Thoth stated above: "As one works with "world pattern" templates, the Pymander will interact more specifically with the individual within the parameters of intent in which that template was created."

These new templates are to be called the “World Dynamic” series. They will work with evolved reciprocals of the planetary earth grids.

see also Pymander's Seraphi Program

the Pymander logos mandala can be found in the Mandala Grids & Gates Gallery

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