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This article is a combination of my current comments and material I wrote and published in Temple Doors 2-89.


In 1989 it was revealed to me that unicorns were the Hierarchy of the earth’s Nature Kingdom and dolphins where the Tribe. Unicorns (the devic beings we see and call "unicorns") operate as a central presence for archetypal programming of the earth through the crystalline grid of the planet. With their spiraled horns they sound a tone into the ethers, stimulating the crystals of the planet into a dynamic resonance so that archetypal transmutations can take place. They are therefore, the "Hierarchy" for they work directly with the governing principle of Gaia, which is the "Holy Tone" or "Word."

The dolphins (and cetaceans in general) are the "Tribe" because they perpetuate the divine symbol. They manifest a continuous rebirth of spiritual viability through their genetic and holonomic (hologram-projecting) brains. They are keeping the Word as a symbol in perpetual evolution within the Nature Kingdom. (While all cetaceans qualify as the "Tribe," the dolphins create the leading signal/presence within it.)

I was enlightened by the knowledge that the dolphin’s brain is comparable to the Nautilus–not only it’s shell, but the complete organism. Indeed, the dolphin and the Nautilus work together in synergy in an unusual way. While the Nautilus is not a particularly brainy creature, it is an extended "muscle" for the dolphins, who feed celestial imprints via symbol-pictures into the living Nautilus, who in turn absorbs into it’s organism, this information as a divine portrait. When the Nautilus dies, their shells have by the become imbued with the "programs" coded into them by the dolphins. The empty shells are resonating chamber and spirals of confluence which send codings out into the seas. As their shells break apart, each "bit" is like a hologram that contains the entire coding which has been placed into the Nautilus by the dolphins. Other shelled creatures pick up on the dolphin signals as well, but they contain only traces of the record compared to the full imprint of the Nautilus.

Within the inner earth domain there are dolphins who are overlayed by "Hesperus"–a specific type of Venusian beings. The dolphins with the Hesperus overlay are "Dolphin Masters." Some of the inner earth Dolphin Masters do assume human form for periods of time. Their dolphin bodies have exceptionally large craniums. In the mid-1990's the Dolphin Masters began to sending a coupling signal out into their Tribe of the surface seas. Since that time, surface-earth dolphins are carrying the signal of the inner earth Dolphin Masters into the outer domain.

As a whole, dolphins can be seen as beings still very much in touch with their starlight forms, whose brains are more divine language than grey matter. In the future, the Dolphin Tribe will receive the earth’s original "Primordials"–evolution particles of all the living earth–to be assimilated into the New Earth Star awaiting us as a planetary whole. The holographic fields of the dolphin brains will re-calibrate the Primordials into a more digestible form for the New Earth Star bodies to receive. The Primordials will ascend from the "etheric moon" into the dolphin brains. The etheric moon is the remaining essence of the moon which was destroyed during the epoch of Atlantis (when the earth had two moons). Relative to our remaining moon, the destroyed sphere was the "female." In it’s etheric state, it contains a passage for the Primordials to enter into the earth. The dolphins will draw upon this passage when the time is right, and receive the Primordials into their holographic being.

In addition to receiving the Primordials, the dolphins (through the guidance of the Dolphin Masters) are working within a program of Light to create a new tribe from human and dolphin being. This "new tribe" will come out of the original blueprint of the "Adam Kadmon" or universal human design, of which the dolphin beings were once included. Eons in the past, even before Lemuria and Atlantis, they separated from the "human" template in order to preserve certain codes for the "Return to the Stars" of the Gaia Light Matrix.

By creating a new tribe of human-dolphin being, so these two frequencies come together again at a higher level on the spiral of evolution in preparation for the New Earth Star...the New Hologram of experience. I stress here that the new tribe of which I speak will NOT be created through the mingling of human and dolphin genetics. It is a new frequency of combined divine light codes and energies, which will in time, enter into the DNA directly as a high frequency "Holy Tone."

Every time a tree of 100 years or more is cut down, one of the strands of "optic-fiber" that sends, receives and qualifies the earth’s lifewave is destroyed. In relatively small numbers, this is part of the natural re-cycling process of earth. However, with humanity’s wholesale slaughter of earth’s resources, many more of these optic fibers or light filaments from all levels of natural being are eliminated....much more than the planetary balance can absorb. In order for the Primordials to have a connective framework with the earth, the dolphins will have to do a great deal of "digesting" with their holonomic brains, so that the codes of the primordial and future evolutionary program will fit into the engramic consciousness of earth’s presently imbalanced lifewave. The more light filaments of our planet that we wilfully destroy, the greater task the dolphins will have in encoding the earth with the Primordials.

The Primordials are like sacred symbols which quicken the sea of life, sweeping it on a journey toward maturation, when the physical substance and the Light essence of it’s being is entirely integrated. Central within this Light program is the Dolphin’s receipt and dissemination of the Primoridals into the Earth’s New Hologram and the beginning phases of the creation of the new Human-Dolphin Tribe.


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