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As a collective, we tend to think of the past as an immutable reality...one cannot change the past. However, according to my akashic insights and my "conversations" with the Illumined being, Thoth, time is a mutable wave of energy that reacts and thus changes in accordance with variations in the anomalies of the time line. What I am referring to as the "time line" is a sequential field of perceptive consensus–many souls agreeing on a flow of sequencing and how one's reality is created within that flow. Ironically, in a world that has so much diversity and conflict, we are on this planet together because the majority of souls incarnated here agree on the parameters of the time line we are jointly creating. We may think of this consensus as one body with a pair of eyes observing a flow or path of energy. It has recently been confirmed by physicists that time can be changed through observing it. In July of 2002 I wrote about an article which I had recently read. As it relates to the topic of the mutability of time, I reprint it here:

In the article, "Quantum Aspects of Life and Health" by Gary A. Scott, posted on the HeartMath website - 6/28/2002, the topic of 'Quantum Computers' is discussed. Mr. Scott begins by writing about consciousness as being the "controller" of health and well- being. He refers to this as being the "Quantum aspects of life and health." Whether the bits of matter are particles or waves has long been known to be determined by observation. When we observe it, it becomes something different than when we do not observe it, indicating that we are indeed, the creators of our universe.

The author then discusses an article in USA TODAY entitled, "Quantum Computer." The USA article reveals that scientists are at present working diligently to create an Atomic Quantum computer (QC). These QCs would have immense speed, far beyond our current ordinary computers. Such speed would be possible as these Quantum computers would have the ability to operate out of the space-time limitations! Mr. Scott states that "a Quantum computer would be a billion times faster than a Pentium III PC." According to Mr Scott in his paraphrasing of the USA TODAY article:

"...the Quantum computer holds an infinite number of right answers for an infinite number of universes. The computer just gives you the right answer for the universe you happen to be in at the time."

So in order to believe in Quantum computers...which is a FACT, since functioning prototypes have already been made, mass consciousness will have to believe in parallel universes!

Then there is the process of what quantum computer scientists are calling "entanglement."

As Mr. Scott explains it: "When two atoms are observed by the same force, they become entangled and remain so even though they may be light years apart. Their spins are all in position at once, but the instant one entangled atom is observed its spin goes one way. At the same instant, the spin of the other particle locks in the opposite direction (even though they are then light years apart)."

So in essence, Quantum computers would be employing this system of related-ness between alternate universes / realities to compute beyond the normal limitations of time and space.

Returning to the topic of observing the time line, we can see the relationship between the observer and the observed in this context. When we individually or collectively look at any place along the time line, so it is altered to some extent. If many people observe a point along this line differently, it can become "conflicted," and create an interference field of alternate versions of that past event. Actually, there are always unlimited versions in the "alternate universes" of any point or occurrence along a time line, but when souls debate that point within the belief of its immutability, so a conflict of energies takes place within the consensual reality of the collective. This can bring multiple effects into the picture, for the alternative outcomes of cause are attempting to come together in the ordained immutable framework that the multiple observers have established as their reality. This confliction will eventually result in the breaking-down of dualistic perspectives (either "this" or "that") and bring us into the unified field of full Christic awareness, or what Thoth calls the "Attasic Universe."

Another aspect of the mutability of time, and thus the past, is the movement of all stars toward the center of their galaxies. It has recently been discovered that "all" (at least those which have been thus far observed by scientists) galaxies have a black hole at their centers, and that far from being ominous, it forms the creative nucleus of the galaxy as a dynamic system in the universe. According to my conversations with Thoth, all existent time lines in a galaxy (of which there could be billions) are effected by the stars being pulled toward the black hole at the center of its galaxy. As our planet processes through its cycles around its sun, so it feeds from that star's light quantum dialogue with the galaxy's black hole. There is a communication ongoing between every star and "ground zero" or what Thoth refers to as the "cauldron" (black hole" at the center of it's galaxy). This communication, or "light quantum dialogue" allows the individual stars to adjust to the dynamic field radiating from the cauldron at the center through a series of "jumps" in time. The jumps or quantum leaps of the individual time lines allow all bodies within the reality frames of those time lines to maneuver in accordance with the constantly new programming coming from the central black hole of their galaxy.

There is the pure time streaming coming from the unified field of the cosmos. The pure time streaming is that which all time lines access as the trunk of their tree, becoming branches stemming from that one source. So as the sun is in light quantum dialogue with the central black hole, the earth is feeding these codes into its core. As a result, time bends, warps, expands and contracts all around and within us, yet most of us are oblivious to this dance. We have our clocks, time zones, day and night, number of days in the year, etc, and we adhere faithfully to them. We have history books with all the "facts" of the past which are the mortar that binds us and that tears us apart. Yet all of this is a consensual drama. Certainly it has a purpose. It is part of our sensory output and our ability to create in the universe. Yet there is so much MORE to the whole cloth of time, reality and beingness than our linear way of thinking can hope to reveal to us. This is a large topic. I only wish to reveal here a smattering of this perspective as an introduction to better understanding the Akashic Record–at least from my "Thoth-engendered" perspective. When I bring forth information on the past from the akashic, I am mindful that as I observe it, so it changes. This would be true for anyone in the position of observing the past, present or future.

So what can we trust...what can we know that we know? Who are our savants, if what they/we see is what they/we have changed it to be? I have no answers to these questions. However, I do believe that humanity will never be happy with the reality that spawns such questions. In order to receive the peace which it so ardently seeks, mankind must individually and collectively move beyond the paradigm of dualism and personal preference, i.e., "I want it to be this way," before individuals can truly be free to accept the fullness of divinity within them.


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