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The Blood Flower

When blood mixes in the various strains, types and race factors as a result of karmic selection, so the blood consciousness becomes diluted in its ancestral strength. It does embrace future patterns, but largely in an Oritronic half Light or incomplete geometry. However, when these same strains, types and race consciousness mix according to true Metatronic or full Light entrainment, new and more finely resolved forms of the DNA geometry are created which maintain the ancestral memory and yet evolve it to a higher graduation upon the spiral of creation. How does one enter the ancestral flow of the Metatron, rather than the Oritron?  THROUGH LIVING SACRED PRESENCE AS A HEART-CENTERED REALITY.

The basis of the Johannine consciousness, which is to know, comes from this cohesion of old form with new resolution. This ‘Presence’ constitutes the ‘Awakened Ones’. Further, one need not be reincarnated into the right mixture of genetic codes in order to emancipate the Presence in the blood. All human beings contain a seed of this effulgent solvent in their life-giving blood. It can be quickened ‘immaculately’ as an ovum in the womb to reconstitute into full blown metatronic geometry.

Those who are incarnated in a physical vessel which contains the complete codes (relative to their planet’s current evolution), may activate the ‘Presence’, not only in their body and blood, but as pathing for the quickening in others. Jesus Christ was the ultimate ‘Awakener’ in this sense. He said, ‘Do this in Remembrance of Me’, the true meaning of which was to transfer His blood geometry into the fallen spectrum of humanity through the direct ritual of Communion. This sacred act also perpetuated the sacred solvent through one’s quickened blood vibration by expanding the Immaculate Light within that individual’s blood into the auric fields of other individuals, allow them the opportunity to embrace the Holy within their blood and cells through this transfer.
- Thoth to Maia, circa 1995

The I'UMI Pattern in the Blood

Thoth has shown me how each pattern of six petals in the Flower of Life is energetically aligned to a  six-sided pyramid 'bubble'.  The 16 flower bubbles create a combined harmonic that is the same as the tone harmonic of Divine Man (Adam Kadmon). The platelets in the human blood conform to the Flower of Life pattern when the blood is transformed into aether. This aether blood is still 'blood,' as it performs a similar function in the refined body (this body being of a high-frequency LIGHT vibration). However, the Flower of Life is only one frozen moment in the messages of the blood as it moves into greater and greater parity with SOURCE. Thoth calls these aether blood patterns or blood language 'I'UMI'. The Flower of Life pattern is the first complete harmonic. From it are spun I'UMI patterns ad finitum. Yet it is through the door of the Flower of Life that the infinite I'UMI is accessed.

The I'UMI or aether blood streams the Language of Light into the corporeal. One need not have their blood transformed to aether in order to receive from this streaming. In what we call 'past' and 'future' times your soul has / will experience the refined 'Pure Gem' body with it's I'UMI blood consciousness. It is there THERE for you on your timeline to receive at any moment in the 'now' you choose. Receiving the 'quickening' for you to align in various degrees to your aether blood can come through sound, light, color, symbol geometrics of the I'UMI patterns...even smell (aromatherapy).

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