My Statement on Channeling

Most of the text on Spirit Mythos is a mixture of my personal Akashic insights and information which comes through my "dance" with the Master Iluminari, Thoth Hermes, who now comes through as "ThothHorRa." (Occasionally I place some material from others...clearly stated.) This work spans over 44 years of my experience with the Akasha and attunement to Thoth since 1977.

In all these years of working with Thoth and the other Illumined and exploring the Akashic Record as I have done, through the years I have come to comprehend the true process of this communion, which follows a universal principle.

Now, as the world is entering the predicted trials and awakening of the New Millennium, I feel on fire with the desire to share this understanding with others. It has been revealed to me that it is crucial for us who believe in our ability to commune with Masters and Angels to move into a more intimate knowledge of this process and how it relates directly to the evolution of this planet. We have been children seeking our parents in the night; now we must "become Elohim." What does this mean? The "Elohim" are the Creation Lords...WE are among those "Lords" (not the original Elohim, but embodying their creational aspects which we have inherited). However we have not yet been ready to assume our true roles. The time is now upon us to do so. Some of us are already attempting it, but quite a few are somewhat polarizing in their attempt. When one has sought answers from Master Beings, they often then feel very disempowered and attempt to BE the Master Being. Part of this concept is correct, in that divinity is in all souls. However, delusions of grandeur are easily invoked when one is trying to feel spiritually empowered. This is due to the fact that the seeker is juggling him/herself between to points of reference: that of a supplicant to the Masters, and as one who IS a Master within.

What has been offered to me as a greater perspective removes these two "poles" and creates instead a vesica Pisces (two intersecting circles, like on the lid of the Glastonbury Chalice Well) in the field of our experience with the Sacred. Visualize if you will, one of these circles ("A") as the human soul. the other circle ("B") as a Master Intelligence or Angelic Ray-Being. As one's consciousness moves into the space where the "soul" circle intersects with the "Master" circle, an alchemy occurs, creating a union of gnosis (knowing). In this "knowing" one cannot divide one part from the other and say THIS is the Master and THIS is me. It is not as if the Master Intelligence is whispering in one's inner ear. The soul envelopes the "knowing" and the Master is only priming the pump as it were–sending impulses into the shared vesica that are responses to the seeking soul. In the incarnated mind-soul complex of that individual, there are many filters of personality which create a distinctive lens of perception. What we bring through our conscious minds from this blending in the vesica has to come through the lens. We can keep the lens as clear as possible by striving for un-attachment to the "wine" in our cup; but we cannot remove the lens.

I have thus been given the understanding that for all of us, but especially for those like myself who have developed an identity around our communion with these beings, it is vitally necessary to realize that there is no "them" and "us" when it comes to what we call "channeling." We are all dipping our bread into the same cup. How we describe the "taste" of it is formed from our individual lens perceptions. For this reason, I am changing my "language" when communicating outwardly my experience of receipt. This is difficult for me as it has become a long-standing mind-set, but I truly believe it to be an important movement in clarity, both for myself and for those in this world with whom I share my experience.

Through our understanding of the vesica effect, we can cease polarizing....being the powerless student one minute and the illumined master the next. We can understand that we are interacting with a pooling of Spirit through which many beings may be interacting, but ultimately, WE are responsible for what we deliver to others from this pool. It is as much US as it is THEM, and it is interpreted by us through our individual lenses. It is like seeing a car on the highway with a bumper sticker that reads, "caution divinity on board." There is a divine being in there that needs TLC, but there is also the driver and all the other passengers. ALL of them together direct the vehicle to its destination. We are each a vehicle for divinity, and we can pick up Master beings along the way, but the routes we take and the destination is determined by all the components in our being, which are often at odds with one another.

No one has the whole picture on this planet and we are all seeing through a "glass darkly"–some perhaps a little more clouded than others. How often have you heard someone say (or perhaps you have said it yourself), "My Spirit Guide directed me to do this or that...I don't know WHY he did, but I followed his instruction and so here I am!" No one made that decision but yourself. You may have been given some insight from a guide, which you interpreted in a certain way. Your personality self as well as your Higher Self was also involved in that interpretation. Remember, there is more that one "person" or aspect of being in your vehicle; but no Master being is going to take control of your life. What you receive that is of true spiritual direction comes from the mergence of your soul-self with the Other in circles of intersecting harmonics. You see what you are ready to see and you receive what you are ready to receive. It is alright to be have the perception that a guide was leading you somewhere, only to find out that much of what was going on for you in your decision-making was coming from your personality self. This is acceptable, because we are all humans in the process of experiencing our humanity. That is why we are here. Spirit is everywhere...often leading us even through the vehicle of our misperceptions. The greatest danger is to become so involved with the thought that Master beings are directing your lives that you have no room for you own humanity in the picture. A true Master never would (nor could) take you out of your humanity.

Upon my re-location to Hawai'i in March of 2004 I have been exploring the ancient Hawaiian perspective of the "aumakua" (ancestors) and "ao'aumakua (ancestors of light).  As I understand it, the aumakua are the family members who have transitioned and were/are a part of our more recent family lineage. The ao'aumakua reach further back in time and also out-of-time to encompass Beings of Light from whence we descended. I now view my "contacts" with Thoth and other "Illumanaries" as connecting to my ao'amakua. However, the amakua as actual personages of your past linage is only a linear view of the amakua hierarchy. The kahunas believe that the aumakua/ao'aumakua are within draw upon them from the center of your creation and your DNA. 

I have amassed  a large amount of material which I have written since 1966 (when I was 17 years old). The older work does not entirely reflect this "new understanding" that I now perceive, thus I was initially reluctant to place it on this website. However, I feel that the essence of what these "channelings" contains is still of value.  I only ask that as you read it, you reflect upon a new way of looking at "channeled" information, as I have come to do.

On Spirit Mythos I am sharing my perspective of the Akashic. It is my experience, rather than my belief.  I am motivated to do this in order to "be revealed" in my reality and not hide my light under a bushel. It is not my intention to gather or create any belief system around this material. If you find resonance with it, this resonance is coming from your own experience of reality.

As an added note: References to the "Fall" in some of this material, or any references which indicate a "Fall from Grace" having taken place on the earth, I now see in the context of actually being a part of the program of Light for unification. As Thoth revealed to me years ago: Alchemy seeking the Divine Conjuncto is a process of repeated separation and union, each time becoming more "rarified" in it's form.

On reincarnation: I never hold so tightly to a belief that I am not able to let it go, if I feel guided to do so. Mostly I have found that what often happens to a "cherished belief" I may have is that it EXPANDS to encompass a bigger picture, and I therefore realize that before I was viewing it with a very limited vision. I have come to view reincarnation in a more expanded way, so that to me it no longer seems like some eternal wheel that we can't escape, but simply the multi-dimensionality of the soul...and that how we EXPERIENCE it is everything. I think this is true for any aspect of life. It is what we choose to make of it in our internal process and not the physical "thing" itself.

It no longer matters to me if reincarnation is "true" or not. It DOES matter to me how I choose to experience life. In that light, I still use the concept of reincarnation to help me "make sense" of certain aspects of life experience.

~ Maia Kyi'RA