Various Creation stories have been told through the sacred forms of ancient cultures. In more recent times, the creational mythos has been accessed via channeled receipt as given by specific beings or directly from diverse levels of the Akashic Records of the earth. What is presented here is an encapsulation of Thoth's version of the Earth's Creation. In the telling of a story so vast and beyond the pale of present human experience, of necessity the knowledge is brought forth through a great deal of mythos or symbology and archetypal representation. Yet the essence revealed is nevertheless AT-One with the unfoldment of the Sacred which we have come to behold as 'Earth,' our celestial home.

The artwork which I have created to accompany the telling of this Creation Mythos is not meant to be exact in its depiction, as I don't have the artistic skills to do so. My limitations are contained within the specific software available to me and my ability to work with it. However, I have attempted to display visually, a basic essence of each of these stages in the earth's past as revealed to me through my inner-planes perception. Some of this art is a facsimile of my perception as to how the planet actually looked from space during these stages. Other pieces are more mythos-symbolic in nature, attempting to capture the spiritual consciousness of that time.


• Universal Tear •
• Eye of Ra •
• Telos.Aarkhara •
• Kali Rift •
• Orion Gate •
• Hyperborian •
• Sama •
• Eros •
• Adama •
• Nadmen •
• Pathagara •
• Merath •

Earth & Quantum Physics

more info on Earth Genesis & related topics in issue 1 - 1997 of Temple Doors


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