The TEMPLA MAR Earth Matrix

According to my (Maia) akashic insights, the Templa Mar Matrix was integrated into this reality zone in 1993. It was at that time referred to by Thoth as both a "grid" and a "matrix". Yet the TMM (Templa Mar Matrix) is not a confining pattern. It is as infinite as all creation and subject to the transforming spiritual patterns of the cosmic soul. It was created in synergy by ultra-beings and humans as a membrane of networking among the many electromagnetic zones of earth in various time-space-dimensions.


An overview of the Templa Mar Grid / Matrix. This article was written by Simeon Nartoomid in 1999 as a distillation of several writings by Maia on this topic. Maia also added some new (at the time) pieces of information which were included in Simeon's article.


Maia+ wrote this meditation in 1999 to be included with Simeon's distillation of her previous Templa Mar akashic insights.




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