akashic definition of: the Maiden Grid

A new grid formation coming out of the roil point. A birthing matrix for new planetary potential, allowing the Divine Feminine presence in the universe to come into a greater harmonic with the current state of the planet.

In a message I received from Panthagra of the Merkabah of the Host as a Christmas-New Year’s message for 2004:

“Toward the end of 2004 and into the first months of 2005, a new light grid will form around the Roil Point of the planet (located on the Big Island of Hawaii). This is the point where energy streams upward as a core beam from the solar atoma at the center of the earth. This new light grid we call the "Maiden" for it resonates as a divine feminine ‘virgin-child’ coming out of the Mother’s flow at Mauna Loa & Kilauea. The Maiden will gently turn in the deep and the dolphins and sea turtles will follow new paths in the ocean.”

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