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New Earth Star and Pandora
by Maia Alaula Kamala


Since the mid-1980's I have been writing about the New Earth Star: our ascended future reality - yet also co-existing with our present Earth. When I recently (1/10) watched the motion picture AVATAR I was stunned by the world Pandora's similarity to Numis'OM, the first stage of the New Earth Star world experience. The producer of the movie, James Cameron was shown Pandora in a dream over 10 years ago.

The Nav'i cat-beings of Pandora DO exist in Numis'OM. ThothHorRa calls them the "Kuri." They are a Sirian race originally stemming from a larger gene-pool of Sirians, feline in nature, mixed with human genetics to one degree or another. Several of the Sirian Races are in Numis'OM.

The glowing plants of Pandora are like the ones in Numis'OM. The inter-connectedness of the roots of the trees with ALL LIFE of Pandora the same as in the New Earth.

The Lotus Loci of Numis'OM are seen in Pandora as the "Seeds of the Tree." In Pandora they are small and white. In the New Earth some are small and some are white, but most are large and colorful.

In the move AVATAR there are violent animals and even the Na'vi kill to eat, but in Numis'OM there is no need for that, as it is a world of pure manifestation....

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