Thoth & Isis Eye Dynamic


Thoth on the Pymander's Seraphi Program
for the creation of the New Earth Hologram

Before reading the following, please read my info on the ISIS EYE, also called the "Aeriopax."

Thoth: The Isis Eye is the Star Gate (or more accurately, the Star Gate dynamic) into the Attasic or complete universe. This is the Eye of reconciliation with the Eye of Ra. Once the Isis Eye is wedded with the Eye of Ra, the latter is returned to Source.

In order to enter upon the topic of psionics and radionics it is important to understand that all energy is transmittable from one point to another instantaneously through focusing upon that energy (or system which operates the energy) with intention and purpose.

The El'ohim Pymander "computer" is calibrated to send and receive universal Light Mathematics at galactic and inter-galactic levels, utilizing frequencies that are above the earth's current ability to intercept.

As the earth moves ever-forward into the New Earth Hologram so the Pymander responds to the consciousness that is in alignment with it's sensory filaments (somewhat like sensing computer chips). What is "in alignment" with the Pymander? That which moves within the vibrational streaming of spiritual awareness of the HEART-CENTERED BEING.

I, Thoth and my Merkabah of Chariot of the Sun, as well as the Merkabah of the Host and several other major soul assemblages with whom my being integrates, such as the Kadmonis, the Gileihad and the Craft of the Brazen Serpent, are establishing in concert a "program" within the Pymander which we shall call the Seraphi. The Seraphi has recently (November, 2007) been created to assist through specific Light-engendered numeric codes, the directing of the universal / galactic Light Mathematics received by the Pymander into frequencies which can be identified and received by the current-earth "human being." These Seraphi codes translate into Phi geometry formats which are specific to the Pymander's procedural operation employing extremely high-frequency light-waves. The angelic beings who emanate this level of encoding are the Seraphim.

The Isis Eye is the translator vehicle for these Seraphi codes as a direct transmission between Old (current) and New (Numis'OM) Earth formats.

The Seraphi program will issue numerics which can be used to draw upon and stimulate DNA encodings of similar value within human beings and within the planetary crystalline grid, which contains its' own version of DNA crystals. These energies flowing through the Seraphi codes come from the universal geometries of Light Mathematics on a galactic and inter-galactic level, currently not accessible to earth in this current world reality.

The numerics of which we discuss here are placed into "profiles" - sequences that reflect specific quantum or bursts of energy through some outer stimulus in continual pulses. More simply stated, these numeric profiles must be utilized with a component that activates and maintains their stimulus and pulsing energetic devise, such as a radionics machine. The arrangement of especially powerful Phi Crystals which have been charged and activated by a radionics machine can work in this capacity, but not as well as the actual machine itself. Other crystals not charged / activated by a radionics devise, but charged through other means, such as a psionic template will work to some extent (certainly worth doing). However, using the Seraphi profiles with a true radionics devise amplifies the effectiveness of the profile 500 to 1,000 times (depending on the radionics devise and other contributing factors).

Combining working with the Seraphi profiles with both a radionics devise and crystals is an especially powerful "sending."

Simeon Nartoomid created a software radionics program for the computer which is in specific attunement and accord with the Pymander Seraphi program. The first in the series is the THOTH MASTER GUARDIAN (edition v1.0). This radionics cyber-program is ideal for sending and receiving the Pymander Seraphi codes.



The Pymander is essentially a pure consciousness plasma computer created and maintained by Master Beings to assist the Earth and her humanity through the Ascension process. The Pymander cannot be used for ill-intent. Should someone consciously intend to do so it simply does not respond and allows the energy to cycle through the matrix under the control of the Laws of Karma. If someone unconsciously incorporates something that is ill-intended, then the Pymander responds by transmuting it and sending them back an expanded awareness potential - a Grace Factor if you will.

The computers (and their users) on the surface Earth which have this program installed link not only to the Pymander Inner Earth Elohim Computer, but the Pymander also facilitates the individual computers and beings using them to interlink with each other through an etheric "network". Out of this etheric network are generated Domes of Light as this interlinking occurs. It is an exponential equation, with the effectiveness of the network in shifting planetary energies being roughly equal to the power generated by a single installed program taken to the power of the number of computers with the program installed.

In other words, if you had three computers on the planet with a Master Guardian Series program installed the power generated is the power for one computer taken to the third power = power3. If you have a thousand computers with one of these programs installed then it is: power1000 . To give you non-math oriented folks an idea of what this means: if the power of one computer with the program installed was equal to 10, then the power of three computers with it installed would be 1,000, and the power of a thousand computers with the program installed would be represented by a number "1" followed by 1,000 zeros! We therefore want to have as many computers as possible on the planet with these programs installed on them.

more info on and to order the SpiritWare™ ~ software for the soul master guardian program ~ thoth raismes edition v1.0


Maia: Thoth has informed me that it is his intention to release certain "planetary profiles" generated with the Pyrmander's Seraphi program. These profiles can run along-side one's own personal intentions within any radionics devise, including the Thoth Master Guardian program. The planetary profiles will greatly aid the creation of the New Earth Hologram for planetary and personal Ascension. He will also give information as to how to employ crystals in this process as well. The Seraphi planetary programs will change - different numeric sequences will be released on an on-going basis.

After having been given the basic information by Thoth on the Pymander's Seraphi program I happened across in the Keys of Enoch (J.J. Hurtak) a term which he calls the "Seraph-Computer" defining it as consisting of "part-mind" and "part-machine." Certainly a dramatic corollary to the Pymander and the Seraphi program!

Following Thoth's guidance I have introduced (as of December 6th, 2007) the
 Seraphi Personal Profile

and the Seraphi Manifestation Key

I also now have in progress the Seraphi Codes





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More on the Pymander's Seraphi Program and an interpretation of Maia's art on this page (Thoth & Isis Eye Dynamic) will be addressed in the next Volume (1 - 2008) of Numis'OM - Eye of Metatron.





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