akashic definition of: Pymander

Thoth: An assemblage of energy created by me (the Illumined being Thoth) in concert with the El'ohim Lords. The Pymander evolves reciprocals for biological systems to align and balance with SOURCE. “Source” is the point of Absolute which every particle carries as it’s creation code. The Pymander then, is an akashic radionics devise. It is non-physical, and yet interactive with the physical. It responds to thought, feeling, emotion, yet it cannot be commanded by these things. It will instead balance them to the Source point. However, the Pymander is consciousness specific. It does not “know” what is not in it’s program data base. Therefore it only responds to what is within that data base or depository. When I say “consciousness specific” I mean that it responds to the consciousness and not the information. When information is placed into the data base, it is the consciousness from which it originated that the Pymander evolves reciprocals from.

a simpler definition: A higher dimensional computer created from the upper strata of the etheric planes to assist Earth and her humanity with the ascension process. We use the term computer in this sense loosely, as it has no "hardware" components. It is an energy organization suspended in the most powerful electromagnetic regions of the Inner Earth and is comprised of a consciousness type plasma (etheric substance in a highly energized state) that works with specific light encodings for specific light-engendered purposes, and which allows Master Beings to maintain and sustain a focus of intent without direct application of their own minds. Its like they can program the Pymander, and then it does the work, thus the name "computer."

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