22 Safik Radial Points of the
Mazaloth-Mazzaroth Integrative Field

The 22 SAFIK Radial Points are the "nerve centers" that connect the Individuals Light and Energy bodies from the Mazzaroth energy realm to the Mazaloth Light realm. The more in-balance the individual 's "nerve centers" are, the more contact can be made for them between these universal zones. In tuning one's Safik Radial Points, this prepares the Light-Energy bodies of the individual to be more fully received by the Seven Miracles of Light. The "Safik" level of Substantiation (as Thoth calls it) is part of the HOLOCRYSTAL, in which MIND, BODY and SPIRIT become finely integrative and communicative forms of LIVING LIGHT as one "egg" or "crystal" holographed through the creational wave forms of the universe. Those living beings who are currently outside of the Holocrystal (most humanity on earth) are not in sync with this radiant pulse. On HIGHER levels of their Light structure they are part of the HOLOCRYSTAL, but this is only a small fraction of their being that is maintaining that frequency. To truly dwell in the HOLOCRYSTAL as the dolphins do, we must bring ALL our conscious and unconscious self-links into the no-self field of the HOLOCRYSTAL.

Balanced General Frequency Psionic numbers (will differ slightly per person)

1) 1.441

2) 7.601

3) 2.5647

4) 8.001

5) 7.232

6) 5.4449

7) 8.9252

8) 8.990

9) 5.209

10) 7.865

11) 3.2201

12) 1.0067

13) 1.760

14) 9.0451

15) 8.0092

16) 5.9045

17) 8.992

18) 6.0937

19) 4.4451

20) 6.965

21) 8.9021

22) 7.6523

You determine where each of these radial points are in the auric field by dividing equally the circle around the body into 22 portions (like on the face of a clock), beginning at the top of the head and moving CLOCKWISE around the sides of the body. You can also do this moving around the FRONT to the BACK of the body. They show up in both formats (from side to side and from front to back).

If you sense with your own energy field or use a pendulum to help you (which of course, is the same thing–just more of an outer reference), you can determine WHICH of these points is out of balance. You should ask (your higher self/pendulum) one point at a time, if that point on this person is in balance. If it is not, then use whatever means (turning fork, etc.) to help the individual restore the balance to that point. SOME people's "balance" may not jive with the chart above, so that is why it is important to ask if that point on them is "in balance." MOST persons, will, however, have a balance on or within a few decimals of the above chart. So, from the standpoint of determining if the person's points are in balance or not, you really don't need the above chart, as if it is "no," you just work to get the point in balance and keep checking "yes" or "no" to see when it is. However, if you would like to use the numbers above to determine colors or sacred geometry correlations, this could be helpful in expanding programs.

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