2005 Introduction to
The Blue Stone ~ Healing Science of Thoth Hermes

A Treatise on Ancient Radionics & Alchemy

When I wrote the material that I later put together in this version of “The Blue Stone” (which was originally spoken by me onto cassette tapes in 1980), I was 27 years old. I had not yet begun actually communicating with Thoth. I had been told by my ultra-guardians that Thoth (whom I then called “Hermes”) was my “Benefactor” and that soon I would be communing consciously with him. This communion began in 1977, shortly after the “Blue Stone” material was completed. Thus, my understanding of Thoth as a being and as a man who had lived eons ago in Egypt and now dwelt in the Interior of the earth was much more limited than it came to be as the years of my association with him progressed.

I feel that “The Blue Stone” reflects my focus on only one aspect of the actual personage as he lived and breathed in that ancient time. However, I do still believe that this view is accurate...of one part of his being. In The “Blue Stone” material I depict him as being quite human: learning, not comprehending some things, developing as any human does. Yet later I was to understand that as an Illumined Master, the personage of “Thoth, Raismes of Aphra” was (and still is), a Christ-Like being of great spiritual magnitude.

My akashic insight at this time reveals to me that Thoth chose to incarnate (directly from his experience as the “Blue Star” being, Toth-mus-zurud) into the consciousness envelope of the time. His soul saw it’s purpose in “experiencing earth” in a way which he had not yet accomplished as one who came here in the body from elsewhere. In order to be the Healer he had to experience the realm of those who sought healing. This was also true of the Master Yeshua (Jesus), before (and even to some extent, after) he received the Christed mantle at the time of his baptism. True spiritual masters incarnated, often offer their outer personas into the human experience. They of course, also contain a vastly expanded reality: Thoth and Yeshua held whole universes in their awareness. Yet they were able to experience at the same time the Void. This void they filled with whatever they wished to experience in the human realm, in order to incorporate that knowledge into their cellular reality and DNA.

This was especially true of Yeshua before his baptism, when the Sun Spirit, the supreme Archangel and the “Holy Spirit” entered into his being. Thoth began to assume more of his true mastership after receiving a direct infusion from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion, which released from his DNA the codes of the Enochian Table (a sacred geometry). Much of the work he did as written about in the “Blue Stone” material was prior to that infusion.

I now believe that Thoth did not actually physically write any books...not with his hands. It was revealed to me years later in “conversation” with him in my soul-being, that he “wrote” these works by projecting fire letters into the Akasha. This was not known to be at the time I wrote “The Blue Stone”.

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