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The Aeriopax ascension geometry or Isis Eye
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Excerpted from Numis'OM - Eye of Metatron, volume 4 - 2007

Thoth: (the Aeriopax)” a geometric for bringing together the Attasic Universe as a point of mind. Not in a physical sense, but as a hologram in the mind, enabling that sentience to sustain passage through conflicting time gates....the Aeriopax a grid of time reality exchange. Once activated, the grid allows the passage between multi-layered time fields without distortion. There are 16 reference nodes: those points of synapse which create a referral of information through the grid. There are 6 matrices in which to create virtual reality fields and the rhombic spinning field in the center. This spinning field is the ‘time tunnel’ or vehicle for movement within the entire process. The parallel bar is the ‘core accelerator’: charging, discharging and maintaining the energy separation between realities. Without the core accelerator all interacting realities would become enmeshed in one another - something like wadding bundles of chewing gum together and then trying to separate them.”

When the Isis eye / Aeriopax is activated through human intelligence and spiritual rapport with it’s dynamic - focused through the EARTH, according to Thoth, those participating “...form a spinning wheel of Emerald Light around us. From this wheel we see the Aeriopax arise, each of the 16 points fiery Yods form the ‘Book of Life.’ the 6 fields within the boundaries of the points are quickened as windows of crystal containing the libraries of all Earth dimension. We set this Living Merkabah of the Aeriopax upon the land...”

....this sacred geometric can be utilize singly and especially powerfully in groups, to create full Metatron merkabic fields for temporal periods of time in which germinations of New Earth light codes can become engendered and multiply on their own - beyond the temporal Aeriopax dynamic engendered. This then, takes our humanity a giant step further in becoming the ‘El’ohim’ of our own created New Earth. Once we get in touch with this reality (through various forms of being and expression - all relating what is here being called the “Aeriopax dynamic”), we need no assistance from Angels or Ascended Beings to accomplish our own re-genesis, for we will know, indeed EXPERIENCE that THEY and US are ONE!

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My Illuminari mentor, Thoth Raismes of Aphra has requested that Spirit Heart Sanctuary / Spirit Mythos begin a Light Program of installing and activating the Areiopax dynamic / 44:44 Ascension Stargate KEY into the planetary grid. It is not our intention to do this alone - we are merely the mouthpiece to begin this activity through those individuals who feel guided to participate. We will also take an energetic role ourselves - as individuals (Maia and Simeon) and as a merkabah unit of consciousness - Spirit Heart Sanctuary.

The process given by Thoth highlighted above can be used by groups at sacred sites for the process of the installation and activation of the Areiopax in that location.

If you feeling guided to participate in the AERIOPAX PLANETARY ASCENSION PROGRAM, please read:

You may also wish to participate in the Spirit Mythos Ascension Hologram Network's New Earth Star Hologram group. This group revolves around the Aeriopax as the main Ascension dynamic.

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