Dione Healing Process

This article was originally recieved akashically by me (edited by Simeon Nartoomid) in the mid-1990's. I have now updated it a bit and added a basic procedure.

"The DIONE healing process comes from the Rutan Atlanteans residing on the Isle of Ruta north of the main Atlantean continent. This Holy Isle was one of the last segments of Atlantean culture to preserve and honor the true alignment with Divine Matrix as the remainder of Atlantis deteriorated spiritually. The Rutans were mixture of Atlantean and Hyperborean (Sirian star) blood.

As the entire Atlantean land mass finally sunk into the ocean, many of the Rutans migrated to Greece, Egypt and the British Isles. The Rutans carried forth the knowledge they stewarded about the DIONE as well as other Universal mysteries. The migrating Rutans passed the technique of DIONE to their Celtic relations, the Tuatha de Dannan, who became the Dannan-Sidhe through the inter-mingling of their blood with the Faery (Sidhe) Races.

The DIONE Process taps into the Mudic harmonics, which consist of the Od and the Attim. The Od is the soft face of -the Earth's dodecahedral matrix while the Attim is the hard face. As these frequencies spin in their couplet spirals they charge in either hard or soft mode, depending on the degree of tilt and velocity of spin. It is from these Mudic harmonics that the Sacred languages are registered. The Od harmonic is that which carries the most powerful matter to Spirit magnetic clearing capability. The DIONE Process taps into the Mudic harmonics it brings the Od and Attim patterns or codes into the physical/etheric bodies aligning them to the natural dodecahedral spin of the crystalline lattices of the DNA which in turn, resonate to the natural dodecahedral spin of the planet. This resonation creates a synergistic Oneness that eliminates the magnetic polarity. The many components of the DIONE healing create a unique format for release of lower magnetic, karmic programming within the holistic system.

The word "Dione" comes from the Aloii (sacred Lemurian/Atlantean/Dannan language created from the hard-soft dodeca-faces of Mudic spin) word "dionata", which means to calibrate Light through the alignment of polarity. The DIONE Process involves a raising of the Divine Fire in the holistic body. Once the body receives this fiery exchange, it is able to transmute illness. For each individual there is a different karmic tolerance for the level of Divine Fire they may receive at that time. The DIONE also includes an "opening of the scroll" for the individual in the Akashic Records to enable their cellular memory to release a greater portion of their karma, facilitating receipt of a fuller charge of the "Fire" dynamic.

DIONE -- Its History in Ancient and Pure form: The pure form DIONE Process has the following stages:

1 ) Breaking down magnetic programming in the body through deep cellular circulation of the Mudic harmonics into the biosystem, eliciting the principle of Divine Fire.

2) "Opening the scroll": rolling back the seal of archetypal presence, which each individual soul contains as unique to them as their fingerprints. Once the scroll is opened, symbolic metaphors can be accessed which contain focal alignments to karmic release. As a result, a greater orientation with the Higher Self is achieved.

3) The summoning of the Goddess Dione, representing the most indwelling aspect of the Earth Goddess. She may appear in any feminine form, but She is usually summoned in Her full consciousness 'Dione' presence. The Goddess Dione, once summoned, works through Her spiral, web, or maze, to achieve a greater Divine Feminine balance with the Divine Masculine in the individual.

The ancients usually summoned Dione for both personal resurrection and that of the group dynamic. However, in group, their goal was not only to clear personal magnetic pools of entrenched and contradicting energies for themselves, but to step through the door of personal transformation into facilitating planetary resurrection. Only through directly accessing the Dione within, can one create a foundation for the planetary work.

When Dione was summoned for such high intent, She was a Madonna of Light, her Child the Solar emblem of humanity's Spirit, stationed as an orb of brilliance in Her womb.

The Goddess as Dione is from the absolute center of the heart-centered Earth, and thus also the heart-centered ensouled being. As She comes forth from that center, so She must have clear passage.

Suggested procedure for a basic entry level with the DIONE:

1) Begin by sensing the center of the earth (atoma) merging with the atoma of your heart chakra. Do this repeatedly as a practice each day until you truly feel a tingling in the heart and an actual PRESENCE of the sacred Gaia within you.

2) Then begin to ask within to receive the awareness of the Divine Feminine expanding throughout your entire being until it becomes wedded with your Divine Masculine. As the two come together, open yourself to give birth to the Child beyond the Veil – the non-dualistic creation of the pure universe in which no dualism resides.

Finding this place within you...as a moment, a flickering sense, a taste on the tongue; continue to return to it, however fleeting it may be each time. As you continue to ‘be’ there for even a fraction of a second, so this place of the ONE will strengthen within you and seemingly magical moments will arise from it to transform your life.

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