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Energy Transmission Art by Maia Kyi'RA


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The Amatrix Transmissions are a series of energy art images which I have created to act as a trigger in one's energy bodies for alignment to and receipt of the Light codes of the phi crystalline geometries now being brought to Earth by the Amatrix Angels. As with all my "Transmissions Art Packages" the presentation of this art as energy templates is based on the transmission of energies through art, photography, symbols, numbers, prayer and the written word.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's amazing work with water crystals powerfully demonstrates the power of these aspects of intention when focused upon or placed within the energy fields of water. The techniques of psionics and radionics reveals this universal principle as well.

In creating energy art on the level of specific transmission quality, it is important to keep the work fairly simple in design with some central focus of the energy codes prominent in each art work. The colors were chosen very carefully to carry the charge of these transmission energies, as were the geometries and themes of each piece. It is my belief that the phi crystalline geometries contained within these new Light codes which the Amatrix are inserting into the earth (inclusive of the DNA) are major programs for world building systems essential to the next stage in our planetary evolution. This next stage or new world format is being prophesied by several Indigenous races such as the Hopi and the Maya, through their remaining spiritual Elders.

My akashic insight which I believe to be guided by inner-plane mentors, reveals to me that there is a potential for such "energy art transmissions" as I am presenting here, to aid individuals in opening to the phi crystalline geometries in the DNA, which are being re-calibrated through the re-genesis process of the Amatrix.

The Amatrix Transmission energy art is presented in the format of a screensaver as well as individual printable art images. The screensaver version is, however, not a 'screensaver' in purpose. This is simply a format that allows the individual to interact with the transmissions at will, by clicking a button on their computer desktop wherein they then automatically sequence through the whole series of 40 images.

When using the "screensaver" and the images come up on the screen, there will be a keynote sentence or two at the top of each art work, accompanied by a series of numbers. The numbers are the integers of the phi crystalline geometries associated with that image. Both the keynotes and the numbers are simply triggers for the subconscious and not meant to be studied.

Below are the eight groupings of energy art in The Amatrix Transmissions package, accompanied by a thumbnail of one of the images in each of the groups. In the actual downloadable screensaver format package there are a total of 40 images. These images were created by me exclusively for this transmission package.

Please note that the individual printable e-art images do not come with the radionics numbers or keynote sentence, they are just the image only.

A representation of four Amatrix Beings -- each one assigned one of the four elements (earth,fire,water and air). The angelic realms are not "embodied" and yet angels have the ability to appear to us as we would wish to see them. I have given these Amatrix wings, as the merkabahs in which angels appear to us, 'flash' from one dimension to the next, creating a wing-like arch of light at the point of the heart chakra (in a human form). In the Amatrix Transmissions these angelic images reveal four specific Amatrix Beings as they appear to me. They represent in the context of the "Transmissions" major influences of direct infusion from the Angelic Realm of the Amatrix Phi crystalline matrix.
These winged wheels indicate the 'movers and shakers' of the universe. They are the deliverers of the 'stuff' with which the Builders build and the whirlwind that carries away the excess 'dust'.
Keys to universal pathways which generate much of the energies in our spiritual-physical world.
Vehicles of seed consciousness delivering aspects of Phi awareness into our being.
Points of balance, much like acu-points in the body, which help humanity to align to the Sacred Phi.
Nodes in the phi crystalline geometry building through the Phi Gate and into our planet on all levels of experience.

Images which contain the energy transmission of the old temple forms of consciousness in a transformed, new dimensional state.

Beings and other dynamics which assist in creating the New Earth Hologram.


In addition to receiving certain triggers to open Phi Light codes in your being through viewing the images in the Amatrix Transmission Package, you may use it as a type of intuitive tool as well. I have the default setting of the screensaver on random display, so each time you view it, a different sequencing of the images will appear. It is my belief that the individual will draw the correct sequencing for him/her at that time. You can even set in your intention before you begin the process, that the first three (specific what number) images related to you especially for the day or situation in your life that you hold in that intention.

If two or more balance points appear close together this may mean that a powerful re-orientation in energy is taking place for you.

Two or more Amatrix Angels appearing close together signifies going deeper in opening to your divine nature.

Generative Mandalas are about being aware of the greater universal picture of which we are a part; and in becoming aware of how that “bigger picture” is effecting your own piece of the hologram.

Chariots and Phi Merkabahs are messengers:

Chariots are bringing you the codes of new “world building” but may have the effect of “The Tower” in the tarot if too much old debris needs to be cleared away first.

Phi Merkabahs come with the clues for transformation in the more everyday experience.

Crystalline nodes may quicken in you a healing response in mind and body (inclusive of all the energy bodies); and they present the codes of connect to the microcosm, where whole universes exist in our cells and DNA.

From the Temple Pathways we find ancient triggers of spirit embedded deeply into our incarnative stream. They offer you the opportunity of seeing and experiencing these pathways in a NEW light.
Assisting Agencies reveal to you their connections to your quest and the energies you naturally integrate into your journey.

Yet none of these images are intended to be pondered upon with too much gravity. The more instinctively they are simply accepted into your energy bodies through viewing them in a receptive mode, the deeper they will go.

The Symbols

I have placed certain symbols in this energy art to act as internal stimulus for energy receipt. Some of the symbols I drew myself and are of what I believe to be angelic in nature. Other symbols come from fonts: Enochian, Sanskrit, etc. I chose the particular symbols out of these languages for their vibration and not for their meaning in the actual language.

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