akashic definition of: Kadmonis

A council of beings composed from the 23 Star Tribes which contain the star seeds of the 144,000 star-sun races. They define the directives for the recapitulation of the Adam Kadmon template, and facilitate the activation of these directives through the 'Gileihad', which could be defined as the Cosmic Order of the Swan-Grail.

The Kadmonis work directly with the Ausar (Osiris) Ptah-tak-et, which is the code-transfer 'Neter Being' created to interface with the Light codes of the scattered energy body or Asar of the Adam Kadmon. A 'Neter Being' is a form of Asar (energy body), having a specialized function that is not sensitive to any energy fields other than that of it's creator.

The Kadmonis is one of the 7 jewels in the Key of Thoth.