akashic definition for: Chariot of the Sun (CS):

The 13-point merkabah (light vessel) which carries and infuses the soul of U'shael, who works with me (Maia) through his incarnated forms of Thoth (Toth-Mus-Zurud, Thoth Raismes and Thoth Amii).

The Chariot of the Sun merkabah is composed of 13 hierarchies of souls. Some have incarnated in this sphere and some have not. There are 13 individual souls who specifically hold the pattern of the CS merkabah of U'shael/Thoth for Maia. The total number of souls within the Chariot of the Sun merkabah is 2197 (13x13x13). the pure symbol access to CS is the twelve-spoked Wheel of Fire with a White Flame at it's center.

Beings such as U'shael/Thoth must be sustained in the denser worlds by such "chariots of fire"...many souls holding the pattern for his entrance into and work with, the dimensions of density. U'shael/Thoth is not only sustained by the CS merkabah, is one of the 2197 souls within it.

Chariot of the Sun is one of the 7 jewels in the Key of Thoth.