Prima Matra - Questions Answered
by Maia & Simeon Nartoomid

What is Prima Matra?

Prima Matra is an ancient alchemical term that means prime unviolated first matter, and covers any form of matter that is resonant with the original first matter. According to Thoth (as received through Maia), originally this planet was entirely a spiritual creation without a matter counterpart, in other words it was pure energy with divine patternings. As it began to slow down its vibrational frequency, matter began to coalesce from the pure energy patternings. The first matter that did coalesce was absolutely pure, as yet untainted by negative intrusions of human thought or feeling as we know it today. This first matter was called Prima Matra by the ancients.

The forms of Prima Matra we have existent today are less in vibrational frequency than the original Prima Matra, but powerful nonetheless for spiritual transformation and physical healing. As an example you could see the Original Prima Matra as light just beyond the ultraviolet end of the visible spectrum of the rainbow (high frequency), and the forms of Prima Matra with us today as the visible colors of the rainbow (gradients less in frequency, but all still light). This is a very simplified analogy, but it will suffice to explain the main point here.

What are Etherium-Gold, ISIS WPG, Naturally Occuring Prima Matra?

They are at this time all coming from the same site. They are a powdered substance occurring naturally in the Earth. The source we are familiar with is in California from a very sacred site that is part of an energetic complex Thoth refers to as the Shasta Matrix even though its physical location is some distance from Mt. Shasta itself.

Thoth refers to these powders as a gradient of Prima Matra, or the first unviolate matter. As the Earth condensed from a pure spiritual state into the first stages of matter Prima Matra formed from the ether. Since that time there have been inner planes orders that have ensured there would always be a certain amount of some form of this Prima Matra present within this dimension in order to maintain the bridge from this reality back to our true spiritual heritage. This substance is being revealed at this time to the planet to assist humanity with the transformational process.

The powder helps the cellular consciousness to assimilate and reorient to the Grace Factor . It is not however a cure-all, nor should it be treated as a normal type supplement. Thoth has impressed upon us that we simply cannot comprehend just how sacred this substance truly is.

On a more scientific and technical note, the natural powder relates spiritually to a grouping of substances coming forth at this time referred to as monoatomics. Monoatomics have been exhibiting the properties of superconductors at normal temperatures. The principle behind a superconductor is that it is able to carry electrical energy without any resistance present, thus exhibiting a zero loss in the conduction of that energy. In addition, the process involves the conversion of electrons into a light frequency as they pair off within the super conductive medium. One of the keys in these monoatomic superconductors is the presence of exotic single atom materials such as rhodium and iridium in the high spin state. At this current time there is a manufactured substance being produced by David Hudson under the name Orme that is nearly 100% rhodium / iridium in the monoatomic high spin state according to Hudson. According to Thoth this is also a viable form of Prima Matra, but works more on the electromagnetic level than do the natural powders. The natural substance contains much smaller amounts of rhodium and iridium, the exact amount not having been decisively determined. Thoth has indicated that "in alchemy more is not necessarily better". He has told us that there is an etheric molecule present in the natural powder called "iropiya", and that it probably cannot be detected at this time by the scientific community. The small amounts of rhodium and iridium are in the exact proportion needed to bridge to the etheric molecule iropiya, thus activating its potential within the individual s auric field. Thus the natural powder works more on the etheric levels of reality. Thoth has indicated that many more people will actually be drawn to the Orme than to natural powder as they are in greater need of the electromagnetic level of healing / evolution than the etheric level. It would only be certain groupings of souls that would be most drawn to the natural powder.

In addition there are several colors or gradients of the natural powders presently available; White, Pink, Red, Grey, Sterling Silver and Black. As far as we know there is only one gradient of the Orme to be made available at some point in the future.

We have personally had some very profound experiences with the natural powders, and have found it to be very helpful to our process of divine integration and all that is involved within that scope. Thoth has cautioned that it is not to be taken lightly however, for if it is not used properly there is danger of burning out the higher level light body. The nature of this danger is such, that an individual who was taking too much would perhaps not receive any warning signs, in fact might receive just the opposite, as feelings of euphoria could be quite prevalent. Once the physical system has saturated with the light frequencies present in the powder, it would start to build matrices within higher levels of the auric field. If the individual consciousness was not prepared sufficiently to support these higher level consciousness matrices the process would rapidly reverse, causing an implosion within the higher light body. This condition according to Thoth is more severe than that known as death. The ramifications are that an individual soul could actually become entrapped between incarnations, as the soul was able to experience higher levels of Grace , but not able to truly assimilate those frequencies, and simultaneously would have no desire to return to its alternative karmic pathing of evolution. The condition is not irreversible, but would require the assistance of many high level beings resulting in an extremely heavy karmic burden for the soul to balance. It is important to note here, that ironically an excessive intake of Etherium would probably not be responsible for the individuals death transition in this lifetime unless they had taken so much as to impair the function of kidneys, intestines etc.. Also, Thoth has said Orme would produce similar effects, but it s action would be more pronounced in the brain wave patterns.

Another aspect regarding dosage that Thoth has impressed upon us, is that of planetary responsibility. He has said that there are quite a number of individuals on this planet that will never have direct contact with the Prima Matra, and they will of necessity be drawing upon the energy / information supplied to the planetary akashic memory by those who are privileged to have physical interaction with it at this time. Thoth has said that if an individual is taking even a small amount beyond what their system can properly utilize, that what happens is a bleed-off' of the extra energy charge that could not be assimilated by the physical / vital holistic system. When these bleed-offs occur, incomplete energy patterns are created in the individual's, and the planetary energy fields. As a race, we are attempting to evolve our consciousness from the half Light' (Oritronic) spectrum into the full Light' (Metatronic) spectrum. The half Light spectrum is not evil or bad, but is incomplete. So, by acting in an irresponsible or uninformed way, and taking too large a dose of the Prima Matra powders / substances, we are actually creating more of the incomplete energy patterns that we all have been working so diligently to evolve into full Light consciousness patterns. Also, those who must access the knowledge and energy of the Prima Matra energy fields from the akashic records would have incomplete patterns to draw upon, further compounding the re-creation of half Light patternings.

The Different Colors of the Natural Prima Matra

There are currently 6 different colors available from the California site. These colors are





Sterling Silver


While all colors of the powder are a very high gradient of Prima Matra, according to Thoth Thoth, each has a distinct energetic focus. We will give the focus for each of these colors here for the reader to be able to better ascertain which may suit them best. We do not necessarily recommend that the powders be taken internally. There can be received by holding them, bathing in them or radionically charging water with them.

White: This is a fine-tuning Light translator. It adjusts subtle body energy flow so that the individual can more readily align the subtle bodies to Light induction factors within the cells It establishes channels of energetic communication between the cells and the subtle bodies. This is crucial for full Light acceptance into the holistic system.

Red: Activates third eye / 6th chakra opening as it penetrates into the primal mind where fear is stored in its most deeply seated center. As the primal mind emits signals that store fear in the cells, the human system becomes a slave to this fear. When the Red permeates the primal mind with it s Light induction, the third eye is sensitized and begins to out picture patterns needed for the release of fear stored in the cells of the body. Fear can engender many different personality patternings such as anger, timidity, control issues, confusion, feelings of unworthiness, sense of loss or not belonging, etc.. All negative human emotion is created through fear on some internal level.

Black: This gradient has the most powerful effect on the human consciousness. It creates the mirror-web of Spider Woman through which the human being must crack the mirror to see through the web, a paradox of karmic transmutation. The Black powder will cause its host to release all but the One Truth by seeing through the crack in the mirror of illusion. For some few, this powder will move them past the mirror entirely and into no-time where they may experience multi-dimensional existence. Because it effects the time components, Black can produce regeneration at the cellular level more profoundly than the other colors. However, as with all Prima Matra, the full potential of its powers will not be visited upon the host unless that individual fully accepts the process at all levels of consciousness.

Pink: This is excellent for the skin. It also resonates especially strong in the heart chakra and therefore will be particularly effective in clearing energetic blockages in the cells relating to issues concerning giving and receiving of Love. It carries the vibration of the Divine Mother and is nurturing to aspects of the self which have been denied. Pink works on the subtle vital body, while the Red is more aligned with the grosser vital activation / clearing of the biosystem.

Grey: The Grey is very similar to the White in its effects. Like the white varieties it can be used on a regular basis for regular Light body maintenance. The Grey does contain a little more of a grounding focus, while the white powder is somewhat more etheric in nature.

Sterling Silver: This color is particularly focused in the area of reprogramming old patterns of the lower self, and assisting the Light Body to assume greater fluidity with the pure form patterns of Spirit. All of the California natural powders work in this capacity, but Sterling Silver is somewhat more focused in that direction. Our personal experience with this color is that it is very smooth and soothing energetically, somewhat similar to the pink, but yet discernibly different.

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