akashic definition of: psionics and radionics

Psionics is effecting of something at a distance through the electro-magnetic field using intention and often focusing tools (such as line drawn or art templates). Through psionics one can also perceive the existing state of that object or system. Radionics incorporates physical tools in this process to create an even stronger focal point for this process.

"The vital force is not enclosed in man but radiates within and around him like a luminous sphere and it may be made to act at a distance. It may poison the essence of life and cause disease, or it may purify it and restore health." - Paracelsus, 15th century physician, alchemist and mystic

The Magnale Magnum "...is not a physical substance...but it is an etherial spirit, pure living, which pervades all things, and moves the mass of the universe." - J. B. van Helmont, a disciple of Paracelsus