ELECTRIKUM ~ A Series of alchemical Art Templates

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In 1997 I received from the Thothian Streaming a series of alchemical elixir formulas which I was guided to name "Mountain of the Moon." Mountain of the Moon is an ancient term for an alchemically created substance that is very powerful as an aid to spiritual healing, transformation and realization. Simeon actually created these elixirs based on this information. We subsequently made them available through our then-church / mystery school, Johannine Grove of the Machemaim. The responses we received from persons who had taken these elixirs were very positive. However, after eventually we followed inner guidance to dis-continue them.

In July of 2003 I was once again guided to return to the Mountain of the Moon information and to update it energetically in the form of alchemical art templates. The following text is this update, which contains both original material from Mountain of the Moon and the updated and re-orientated understanding related to the Electrikum art templates.

The degree of potency within the Electrikum templates is due to the period of time in which the Mountain of the Moon series was created (a 1 year cycle on each full moon) which set into the Aether its pattern and resonance into the world matrix.

In G. A. Gaskell’s ‘Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths,’ Aether is identified as: "A symbol of the fifth plane of being; the plane of Atma. The highest plane of manifestation....’ Aether was considered one of the elementary substances out of which the universe was formed. It was regarded as pure upper air....’ - Smith’s Class. Dict."

From the manuscript, The Blue Stone - the Mystic Healing Sciences of Hermes Trismesgistus, by Maia Nartoomid+, Thoth reveals the nature of the aether elixir:

"From the mystical phrases of Hermes alchemical codex, Uretha, the final phase of purification was revealed. ‘...Swift the journeys of night through brilliant robes of light, and rises vapors of the moon to encircle the fiery sun. Separate that which abides in stillness from the motions of the spheres. Refine the tumultuous sulfurous self to the pureness of primordial oneness. Stir within thee thy longing and transpose the transparent dawn of the elements to rest with thee. When the shadow cannot be cast upon the surface, the quality has risen in the ascension of transmutation, and thus is revealed to the eye the rarefied solvent."

"The rhythm of such a passage suggests the essence of an incantation rather than the awakening of a physical law, but the genre of alchemy is always mysterious in the final act. The original alchemical process was climaxed through a mental saturation of the elements, purifying the physical system and as an afterthought, creating the precious golden metal."

The above is from a highly metaphorical Thothian treatise, and thus difficult to relate to from a practical perspective, but nevertheless powerful in spiritual essence–like a chant or incantation. So what is the "aether elixir"? From the Thothian perspective, it is the dew-like, crystalline essence that permeates the spiritual bodies of all things. It can further be witnessed (through remote viewing) as a more physical secretion issuing from the pineal gland at the base of the skull. This secretion is the "dew" that aids the human vehicle in digesting the cosmic subtle-light particles swimming in the universe around us. The pineal dew changes it's compositional balance in accordance with the excitation of the gland. Excitation can be caused by various stimuli, all relative to the individual's fluctuating awareness of his / her oneness within the Hologram of the One...god / source / divinity.

Following this understanding, intentional vibrational patterns may be placed into substances or objects via thought, prayer and emotion; and exposure to other substances or objects which have specific spirit frequencies to impart to the host substance / object. The basic principle of this patterning can be found in what are called "radionics" devises. The standard radionics boxes contain circuitry drawn on paper and placed in a box with some simple wiring (not connected to a power source, other than the universal energy field). However, any imaging that has a specific intentional vibrational patterns placed within it may qualify as a radionics template.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's research and amazing results in re-programming water through prayer and focused thought is proven by the "before" and "after" microscopic photographs he has taken of the water molecules.

The term "electrikus" is given by author Laurence Gardner ("Lost Secrets of the Ark") as an alchemical term for monoatomic "white powder gold." Monoatomic gold is a vast subject unto itself, but in essence it is super-conductive and resonates in parallel dimensions. More on monoatomic gold can be found at www.whitepowdergold.com

Prima Matra means "first matter." According to Thoth, Prima Matra is "the distilled particles of aether or etheric purity of the soul, from which has been extracted all inclusions of gross coagulation (karmic infiltration into matter), and set before the Son of the Sun (the inner Light wisdom of Divine Self) and the Daughter of the Moon (the reflection of that divinity in the soul, as a memory of the pure condition). In the ensuing Light of their embrace, so the Sun and the moon are wedded in conjuncto of Spirit and the Golden Child is born from the First Matter of their seed. It is this pure solvent extracted from chaos that is held as a fine diamond powder before the eye of the soul."

Several years ago we (Maia and Simeon) came into contact with a Native American woman who was "mining" a natural powder from her land that exhibited certain monoatomic properties, although only in trace elements. However, the healing power of these natural powders (in various colors) was quite potent. Upon obtaining some samples of the powders, I was able to receive from Thoth and the akashic, information concerning them. The Thothian term for these powders was given to me as Prima Matra. My information was that the Prima Matra natural earth powders were registering very high monoatomic frequencies of the subtle level, while only a fraction of the monoatomic composition of the powders existed in the 'physical' of our sense reality. For more information on Prima Matra natural earth powders, go to Prima Matra on this website.

Working with the Illumined master Thoth Raismes and the inner-planes Craft of the Brazen Serpent

I have created 13 art templates, each containing the intentional vibrational pattern of one the 13 former 'Mountain of the Moon' elixirs. Yet this is not only a re-creation but an 'upgrade' of the originals. It is my perception that the Electrikum templates contain a greater resonance field than did the elixirs and therefore encompass more potential. An individual may thus find a wider spectrum of bio-chemical resonance with these templates. In addition, each stand alone as frame-able art.


The Process of Creating an Electrikum Template

I have a master template print of each of the 13 templates. (the 13th representing the "blue moon" - more about this in the preceding text) These master templates are used by me to create a resonance field with that specific image, regardless of where it appears. In other words, it is not necessary to repeat the process with each print. Once the "masters" are psionically prepared and charged, the reproduced image as dots of light received upon the retina of eye will carry that same charge. IT has been revealed to me that even a sightless person could place his / her hand on the image and to some extent, the resonance field would interact with that individual. In the new quantum physics, scientist are proving in the laboratory that instantaneous transfers of information from similar energy patterns occurs in the universe regardless of distance or time.

In the infusing of the Electrikum art template masters I have employed the natural Prima Matra powders within a matrix of crystals, stones, waters and sacred tools from holy sites around the world; many which have undergone sacred ceremony and Light encoding in such sanctified sites as Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Mt Sinai and Delphi. The templates are also infused with the etheric forms of ancient flowers, gems, stars and planets. Many of the flowers are those which appeared in ancient Lemuria and Atlantis, as well as some from pre-historic Egypt. Most of these plants no longer exist physically on the surface of this planet, although some still do abide within the kingdom of the Inner Earth.

Other processes not revealed in this text were performed on the Electrikum art templates.

It is my perception that as a ‘13’ vibration, these art templates together sustain the frequency of the Universal Christos within the etheric body. Because of their Prima Matra or ‘Virgin Earth’ nature, these templates set up specifically aligned morphogenetic fields within the individual which carries the potential to work with them, or whatever that individual focuses the vibration upon when done with spiritual intent and consistency. When all the templates are used within a process over time, they have the potential to establish a morphogenetic field which resonates with the full 13 Permutations of the Feminine Christos, which initiates the process of awakening the subtle-physical bodies to their true Source-intelligence and ‘knowing’. These ‘permutations’ of the higher spiritual element engendered in the Feminine Christos, out-pictures physically in our reality through the energetic and gravitaional attraction between our solar sun, our Earth’s central sun (Holy of Holies) and the moon of our planet. While as yet too subtle for our scientists to detect, the ‘13 Permutations’ are a powerful dynamic in the relationship of Sun, Earth and Moon. Thoth relates the 13 Permutations to the 13th letter in the Hebraic alphabet, which is ‘Mem’, and also to the representation of the Goddess in Her form of ‘Memphis’, which in the pre-Egyptian era of Atlantis meant, ‘to raise up from the residue’. A more lengthy translation would be: ‘to transmute from gross to subtle through the lifting of the sacred substance from out of the mire’.

From my insight into the Akashic Record of Thoth, I view ‘manna’ to be a form of Prima Matra. In this perspective, there is an inherent morphogenetic field within all living things that will respond to Prima Matra consciousness. At the center of the human and animal brain there still remains a bit of Prima Matra ‘residue’ from which all generation arose. Thus we may stir this sacred substance, inspiring direct integration with Greater Spiritual Forms, through our own awareness of our Divine and Eternal Nature. Such resonating patterns as the Electrikum art templates aid us in creating the spark of recognition that grants us entrance into that Universal Web of morphogenetic continuum.

The Principles of the Electrikum (my Thoth / akashic interpretation):

1) The Electrikum as a 13-harmonic creates a morphogenetic field within whatever substance or form that is dedicated to it by a sentient consciousness source.

Note: "Morphogenetic fields carry information only (no energy) and are available throughout time and space without any loss of intensity after they have been created. They are created by the patterns of physical forms (including such things as crystals as well as biological systems). They help guide the formation of later similar systems. And finally, a newly forming system "tunes into" a previous system by having within it a "seed" that resonates with a similar seed in the earlier form." - Robert Gilman, quoting theory by Rupert Sheldrake (www.context.org/ICLIB/IC12/Sheldrak.htm)

2) This field aligns its interactions with that substance / form to the 13 Permutations of the Mother, identified earlier in this text as the ‘Feminine Christos’. These permutations are the rhythms of life as the field absorbs and radiates the qualities of the Trinity of the Father-Sun, Mother-Moon, and Daughter-Earth.

3) Any living (this includes rocks and minerals) form that is taken within the morphogenetic field or ‘M’ field of the Electrikum templates in a consistent procedure, will radiate and subsequently reinforce the ‘M’ field as it moves back into the Earth / Universal grid, thus strengthening that grid for further interactions, potentially setting up an upwards spiraling energy exchange. This holds true on the microcosmic level as well. Substituting the human bio-system for the Earth / Universal grid in this instance, we see that the bio-system will increase its field of interaction with the subtle nature of the elemental vibration in all things, and thus become more connected to its own ‘inner universe’ of being through a greater inter-connected-ness with the very fabric of our world.

All Prima Matra substances create strong consciousness fields in association with the interacting individual. Even thinking about Prima Matra, if one is truly attuned to its template, can create such a field. From my communion with Thoth, I perceived 12 aether elixir vibrational patterns which correspond to the infusions of each Full Moon appearing in every Zodiacal sign, and then the 13th which connects us to the stars. Working with all 13 aether formulas integrates the 12 basic sacred cycles into the deeper cellular experience and into the higher etheric potential of the individual, then the 13th puts a ‘capstone’ energetic on the entire dynamic.


About the Art

The art is simple and direct. I created each template to contain a seed focus symbol, series of symbols or primary image. Colors were chosen carefully to reflect the stimuli that would trigger in the retina, that template's specific charge. It is important that the art / image template be CLEAR and well-re-produced...both the master and the duplicate prints...so that the energy matrix is well-defined.

As Framed Art

Once the art is hung on the wall (or set on a table or altar), it radiates the intentional resonance field out into the room. Persons coming into that space may receive that vibrational blessing in an non-intrusive manner.

You may also wish to stand before the image and in a meditative space allow it's radiations to bathe you as you breathe deeply through all the chakras and into the heart.

After communing with the resonant field for a few minutes, you may wish to hold a container of water, crystals, jewelry or other objects in your left hand as you continue to focus on the image. As you do this, create the intention to permeate that substance or object with the specific vibrational patterns which the template contains.

With the infusion of water with the template vibrational patterns, it is suggested that you then apply these now-infused substances in homeopathic doses (several drops at a time) under the tongue.

Infused oils may be applied in small dots with the finger on key meridians of the body.


The Individual Properties of the 13 Electrikum Art Templates

The template information is presented in the following order: astrological sign of the Full Moon under which the template registers, (receiving its patterning from the original 'Mountain of the Moon' elixirs); the element of that sign; the color and thus vibration of the Prima Matra powder used in the infusion process; the consciousness body it works with; the energetic field it operates within; several of its affinities with Spirit and Matter. The ‘Lower and Higher Octave of Experience’ with practical applications and mantrams are then given. It is important to realize that both the lower AND the higher octave experiences could possibly be found in one given individual, for we are multi-dimensional beings, and as such will have different aspects of self on several planes of reality at any given moment in linear time. Also given are "world keynotes." These denote the planetary consciousness aspects of that specific template's morphogenetic field. The world keynotes were given specifically given for the Electrikum "upgrade" from the original Mountain of the Moon elixirs.


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Aries (Fire) 'MASTERY FLAME': red Prima Matra / atonic / electric / Christic Consciousness / acceptance of Self-Mastery / renewal in Spirit (dedication to new beginnings of Spirit)

At Lower Octaves of Experience: For individuals with low self-esteem; who are embarking upon new beginnings in their lives; who have difficulty accepting their own power or who tend to give their power away to others; helps in overcoming guilt of having abused power in the past, or fear of abusing it in the future.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: For individuals moving into acceptance of their rightful spiritual heritage as one of the New Elohim and their co-creative role of planetary transformation. Full acceptance of one's dharmic empowerment.

For chakra application, best on crown, throat and Solar plexus.

The mantram to chant in association with this template is Uoi-aa-beh.

world keynote: Creation of a unified field of acceptance of self and others. Tribes , races, cultures finding true purpose of the vibration they hold in the earth. This allows groups of people to accept collectively differences among individuals and tribes/races/cultures. When a person or groups of persons cannot truly connect to "true purpose" in the heart, they cannot accept the true purposes of others.

Taurus (Earth) 'TRIBE LIGHT': black Prima Matra / corporal / magnetic / contact with the Earth as a sacred vessel / brings one’s consciousness into the center of the Earth, aligning human chakras to Earth chakras / creating a temple within / integration with Tribal consciousness - para-genetic streaming; connecting to one’s ancient blood consciousness through incarnation on the Earth

At Lower Octaves of Experience: For those who have difficulty grounding and aligning with 3-D reality; for impurities and diseases of the blood; re-aligning all chakras of the body; good for past life reconciliation and release of incarnational guilt, which builds up karmically through the many incarnations of the soul. ‘Incarnational guilt’ is not karma itself, but a shadow, veil or shell which the act of reincarnating creates within the paragenetic Light Body. Once incarnational guilt is lessened or released, the individual may more easily receive grace. Tribe Light is also excellent for soul retrieval techniques.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: For bringing the higher frequencies of Spiritual Mind and Heart into matter, assists the process through opening channels of conductivity into the atomic / sub-atomic matter realm where true transformation must occur to stabilize consciousness for the greater task at hand.

The chakras most receptive to this elixir are the base chakra and the chakras in the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

The mantram is Avah-yeh-i-o.

world keynote: Integration of the collective planetary consciousness with the heart-center Earth Soul.

Gemini (Air) 'PILLARS OF SIRIUS': white Prima Matra / subtle / conductive / uniting Love, Wisdom & Harmony / integrating duality / restoring circulation of blood and subtle energy throughout the body / promotes re-calibration of endocrines to cosmic alignment / ability to become aware of and interpret visions, dreams and synchronicity / integrates star patterns into cellular membrane / understanding the path of Humanity

At Lower Octaves of Experience: For those who find it difficult to get along with others, particularly in relationships; for those who feel that they have no strong identification with anything in their world - a feeling of being alone and despondent; for those who feel that they are not of this world and yet do not truly feel connected elsewhere.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: Assists in realization of greater experiences of Unity and oneness with all beings, including the beloved being Gaia who is incarnate as Earth. Facilitates bringing the 'home star' vibration to the incarnated form so that the home star consciousness streaming may then be compassionately transmitted to others.

The most sensitive chakras are the crown, the Solar plexus, below the navel, and although it is not generally considered a chakra in most circles, at the base of the skull on the back of the neck (the Medulla Oblongata).

The mantram is Shy-lo-yah-veh.

world keynote: Unifying of souls in a cooperative effort of forward spiritual movement. This "unification" does not over-ride individuality, but instead offers a pathing for individuation to access the spiritualized ego.

Cancer (Water) 'PURE GEM': pink Prima Matra / supra-conscious / akashic / building and evolving of Light Body / nurturing & Self-Love / knowing the Divine within

At Lower Octaves of Experience: This template works well with healing of trauma, both emotional and physical; because of it’s nurturing properties, it is good for aiding one in self-discovery, especially in areas which truly comfort and satisfy the soul; good for skin rashes and diseases and for these disorders would be best if infused in water internally, placed on chakras or just held while still in the bottle like you would a crystal - rubbing it on the affected areas topically would not be as effective; it can help individuals release issues of self-denial and lack of self-love which are causative to some illnesses.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: It builds the Light body, and prepares the individual for ‘passage’ into the next phase of evolution, which is sometimes exemplified in the transition of death, but can also be experienced in dramatic lifetime events or a series of 'mini-deaths' to the personal will. Can facilitate higher levels of initiation in their own ancient Sacred soul knowledge, which must be recapitulated before future knowledge can become actualized fully.

The chakra most responsive to this template is the heart. Additionally for females below the navel; and for males at the base chakra.

The mantram is Huurrr-huurrr-huurrr (roll the R's if possible).

world keynote: The creation of loving vehicles of expression in forms that serve the planetary whole.

Leo (Fire) 'LION’S PAW': red Prima Matra / atonic / electric / Solar transmission into the atoma or central sun of the human being / vitality of biosystem through cellular Solar charge / spiritualizing the Will / accepting one’s empowerment and self-authority / initiation into Inner Mysteries

At Lower Octaves of Experience: Restores one’s connection to the Solar charge, thus re-vitalizes the electric energy of the body; promotes cellular regeneration; like Mastery Flame, this is another template that helps to build self-empowerment, but Lion’s Paw is more on the level of integration with the many parts of ‘self,’ while the former clarifies resolve in not allowing outer circumstances and people to effect your higher vision of self.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: Solar Mastery and newfound alchemical abilities through pure consciousness initiative. Facilitates moving into the Monadic or Oversoul level of consciousness.

Strongest chakra point for this elixir is of course the Solar plexus, but it is also especially effective on the third eye as well.

The mantram is Ka-ra-eb-ka.

world keynote: Drawing together the many parts of the collective world consciousness into a holistic essence of spirit.

Virgo (Earth) 'BLACK PEARL': black Prima Matra / corporal / magnetic / planting the seeds of spiritualized conscience / transpersonal mutuality (identification with all beingness) / breaking out of self-containment / being able to embrace many modalities through seeing the connective thread that runs through them

At Lower Octaves of Experience: Good for better communication with people, especially with groups or different cultures; aids one in seeing the ‘bigger picture’ or overview of situations; helps to remove the personalization of painful occurrences between individuals; while the Pillars of Sirius also helps in communication, it is more in the nature of seeing where you fit into the picture, while Black Pearl aids in revealing what is to be learned and thus better communicated in difficult situations.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: Facilitates a greater understanding of moving into pure essence, which is the basis for true pure telepathic communication and knowing which is paramount to the transcendence of all language / communicative barriers.

The chakras best suited for this template are the third eye, the heart and the base chakra.

The mantram is Jah-reeh-jah-veh.

world keynote: Re-defining world goals based on shared qualities and beliefs rather than on differences. Seeking essence in self and others rather than outer forms.

Libra (Air) 'HERMES CLOUD': white Prima Matra / subtle / conductive / equilibrium / centered consciousness / organization according to priorities of Spirit / penetration of matter with Higher Principle - 'as above, so below' / release from self-judgement and judgement of others / uniting of Heart and Mind

At Lower Octaves of Experience: This is a template which is excellent for aligning your mental processes to spiritual knowing. Helps focus and concentration, and bringing the mind into the 'NOW'; by releasing judgement you are free to explore all the possibilities with which Spirit is acting in your life.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: Opening of Higher Heart-Mind into the conscious experience. At higher levels of mind there is no concern for separation of Mind and Heart, as the two are functioning as a holistic unit. With the advent of this stage of evolution the individual's conscious energy is now free to explore greater levels of reality beyond cause and effect.

The most effective chakras are the crown, third eye and heart.

The mantram is Se-ves-ta-ya-neh.

world keynote: The spiritalizing of the mental patterns which build and collect upon each other in the matrix of world collective thought. Sending a "circuit breaking" charge of divine mind (heart-balanced mind) into the repetitive human pattern of self-negation and negation of others.

Scorpio (Water) 'SCARAB RISING': pink Prima Matra / supra-conscious / akashic / overcoming challenges through spiritual practice / identifying the highest form of spiritual expression in the moment / transmuting adversity into grace / death to old forms

At Lower Octaves of Experience: Aids in releasing fear of change, including that of the physical death transition; assists release of grief, sorrow and emotional pain connected to the loss of a loved one; promotes a change in seeing self as a co-creator rather than a victim; aids in dispelling depression and anxiety of the unknown. Like Pure Gem, it is a good ‘passage’ template.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: Facilitates initiation into higher etheric levels of reality, where the tendency to 'cling' to the human experience can hinder higher level Light work. Opens the passage through the veil to the initiate who is sufficiently prepared for such a journey.

The chakras most receptive for this template are the crown, the throat and the heart.

The mantram is Oooh-uuu-ahhh-ehhh.

world keynote: Souls move beyond the "world order" of consensual reality to create open-ended soul harmonics. Consensual realities are created by many souls agreeing on a basic reality and then existing within those agreed upon parameters, despite the dis-harmony among them. Soul harmonics are souls vibrating in harmonic resonance, with each soul experiencing multiple-level realities of its own choosing.

Sagittarius (Fire): 'EYE OF HORUS': red Prima Matra / atonic / electric / unification of aesthetics, science and spirituality / evolution of Spiritualized Mind / clearing karmic attachments / coming into closer synchronization with Love-Beingness through acting as a divine mirror to others / greater spiritual resolve / focus on essence / distillation of mental acuity / clearer third eye vision

At Lower Octaves of Experience: Like Hermes Cloud, this is another template for spiritualized focus and clarity of mind. However, while Hermes Cloud is in balancing Mind and Heart and then transmuting into highest form, Eye of Horus penetrates the matter realm with spiritually uncompromising vision and finds ways to actualize the integration of physical knowledge with spiritual knowing. You might see Hermes Cloud as the ascending triangle, and Eye of Horus as the descending triangle in a Star of David.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: High initiatic process, mastery over matter. The high initiate is now able to manifest whatever is required for the spiritual task at hand. Eye of Horus can provide the vibrational linkage to move the high initiate beyond the final attachments to the prior creation / path into the manifestation of the higher soul purpose for incarnation.

Most sensitive chakras for this template are third eye and Solar plexus.

The mantram is Ave-bah-heh-ho.

world keynote: Each soul acting as a mirror to one another in absolute truth and love. In order for this to occur on a world scale, each soul must become a mirror to themselves, LOVING what they see into the Light.

Capricorn (Earth) 'UNICORNIUS': black Prima Matra / corporal / magnetic / Transfiguration / preparation for divine form / moving through the gateway from affinity with the personal self to ‘affination’, meaning becoming aware of being through the Overself / blessings of the Unicorn - the traversing of spiritual plateaus / Spiritualizing the Ego

At the Lower Octaves of Experience: This elixir’s keynote is ‘spiritualization of the ego’. It aids the individual in releasing the lower egoic forms of manifesting and relating in the outer world. Many of the actions of the other elixirs work in this arena also, but Unicornius capstones the others here, and could be used in conjunction with any of the other templates (or water / oil / crystals infused by templates) to amplify their effect in this regard.

At the Higher Octaves of Experience: The spiritualized ego is given to new realms of experience, akin to the Monadic / Oversoul level consciousness engendered in Lions Paw through Solar Mastery, however with Unicornius the Earth connection to matter is much more prevalent in the Monadic / Oversoul interaction. Unicornius at the higher octaves of experience opens the bridge between the Monadic / Oversoul level of consciousness and that of the higher elementalized forms of matter.

The most receptive chakras are the solar plexus and the third eye.

The mantram is Savva-ha-met-tah.

world keynote: The Earth Soul is gracefully led into the world pasture by the Children of the Earth. We, souls of the planet, recognize ourselves as sons and daughters of Gaia: Mari, Isis, Magdalene - all faces of her sunlit smile. No longer do we claim separation from the rest of her flock. In owning our oneness with all, so we may move beyond our current level of evolution or "evolving process" in recognizing the fullness of who we are.

Aquarius (Air) 'TEMPLARI MARBLE': white Prima Matra / subtle / conductive / communion with Light Beings / communion with humanity / becoming a bridge between the greater and the lesser worlds / Faith becomes Knowing / carrying forward the Great Work of previous evolutions

At Lower Octaves of Experience: A template for communion with one’s guardian beings of Light; aids in opening the part of self that ‘knows’ rather than simply ‘believes’; helps one to find their role in the ‘Great Work,’ and how they may carry forward these divine principles and sacred acts in their everyday life.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: This template can take one into very close communion with the Light Beings that they are to work with for their greater spiritual work at hand. This is a merging of the spiritualized ego consciousness with these greater Light emissaries, with an infusion of Grace and dispensation to help guarantee the service for the carrier soul who has reached this lofty pinnacle of experience.

The most receptive chakras are crown, throat and heart.

The mantram is Nous-suu-laat-the.

world keynote: Souls of earth collectively lift the veil between worlds through recognition that all being is One. Only through understanding that "masters" exist within the same cosmic creation as do we, breaking bread with us at the very core of our natural being, can the world as a whole accept the loving presence of the Illumined Ones.

Pisces (Water) 'STELLA MARIS': pink Prima Matra / supra-conscious / akashic / integrating Spirit into Matter through reflection of the ‘Above’ in the ‘Below’ or seeing Spirit in all aspects of the matter-world / expanding Dreamtime by allowing your dreams and visions to become extensions of your true reality and a language for soul guidance / recognizing that suffering is no longer necessary in order to purify self / development of true compassion and Selflessness / dedication to World Service

At Lower Octaves of Experience: Facilitates release in suffering of mind, heart and body; allows individuals to work more positively and intimately with their dreams and visions; aids in transforming burden into selfless joy of giving. As with Pure Gem and Scarab Rising, it is also a good ‘passage’ template.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: Opens avenues for greater realization of 'continuity of consciousness', whereby the Dream Time is one’s continual experience, and the associated consciousness is manifest effortlessly in daily experience for the benefit of others.

The chakras for this template are crown, third eye and below the navel.

The mantram is Abeh-ruu-aam.

world keynote: Souls of the earth together create a new frequency of no-time, as dreams are seen as extensions of real experience and love can be dreamed into never-ending creations of compassion and joy for all.

The 13th Moon Template

While it is commonly believed that there are 13 Moons in a Solar cycle, this is only partially true. Our research has shown that there are twelve and some fraction Lunar cycles in a Solar cycle comprised of 12 Zodiacal signs. In other words, the 13th Lunar cycle does not fully complete within the framework of the 12 Zodiacal signs every solar year. It is important to understand that while there may be an occurrence of two Full Moons in any given month on the Gregorian calendar, they are not necessarily in the same Zodiacal sign. Once every 33 Zodiacal signs there is a second Full Moon in a single astrological sign. This is the true ‘Blue Moon’ occurrence. Thoth indicates that the second Full Moon in the same sign of the Zodiac, represents the lost 13th Zodiacal sign, and that in turn represents the consciousness lost to our world. When this occurs there is a very powerful alignment that brings the Earth and humanity into a position of greater receipt of the Pure consciousness of the lost 13th Zodiacal sign.

We were guided to start creating the ‘Mountain of the Moon’ elixirs on the Full Moon of Cancer in 1996, without any conscious knowledge of the 13th moon every 33 signs, nor that it would be occurring at exactly the close of one solar cycle from when we began. As our work in creating these elixirs had its primary focus in ‘boosting’ the power of the Prima Matra consciousness field present on Earth and interweaving it more coherently with the Solar / Lunar shells upon the planet, it was a fitting conclusion indeed to this project to create the ‘13th Moon Elixir’. Thoth has named this elixir ‘Queen of the Stars’, a term which is associated with the Goddess Astarte.

In Barbara C. Walker’s The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets:

"Astarte ruled all the spirits of the dead who lived in heaven wearing bodies of light, visible from earth as stars. Hence, she was known as Astroarche, ‘Queen of Stars’. She was the mother of all souls in heaven, the Moon surrounded by her star-children, to whom she gave their ‘astral’ (starry) bodies....Scholars who really understood the mystery of Astarte recognized in her one of the ancient prototypes of the virgin Mary."

While the other elixirs were created with Red - Fire sign; Black - Earth sign; White - Air sign; Pink - Water sign Prima Matra (Etherium) powders, this elixir is the only one created with Sterling Silver powder. The properties of this elixir / template then are as follows:

Gemini (Air) - ‘QUEEN OF STARS’: sterling silver Prima Matra / etheric / transmuting / liberation from the realm of the trivial world / connection to Greater Feminine stellar fields / becoming the Sacred, walking the path.

At Lower Octaves of Experience: Identifying your role in the Earth as a messenger of the stars.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: Finding your ‘path into the stars’; moving into higher expressions of your cosmic feminine; bringing the higher Light of the stellar bodies into your experience of matter; helps transform feelings of displacement inherent in living upon this planet as it opens a path of unity between the cosmic and the planetary realms.

The most receptive chakra points for this template are the crown, the heart, the palms of the hands, and the chakras in the feet.

The mantram is Auu-ahea-ahney.

world keynote: The earth becomes the "Queen of the Stars" as her children create a New Heaven (the New Earth Star), so Gaia receives her new garment of Light.


The Electrikum Templates are  furtherance of a work begun back in 1996 when I was in Crestone, CO.  My husband and I were guided at that time to create 13 alchemical elixirs known as the "Mountain of the Moon" elixirs which were adorned by the same names as the templates below.  These elixirs represented a vibrational path into the solar and lunar shells of the earth. These shells are beyond the duality of the earth, yet not fully in the "Oneness." They thus represented stepping stones on the path towards the Oneness.  These Electrikum Templates are the next phase or stepping stone on that journey.

As an overall "13" vibration these art templates, together as a matrix, can help expand and quicken the frequency of the Universal Christos within the human and planetary etheric bodies. They can facilitate the establishment of specifically aligned morphogenetic fields within the human auric field that work with the individual's consciousness as their consciousness works with the templates.

Each seed template was created to embody a specific seed focus symbol, series of symbols, or a primary image. Colors were chosen carefully to reflect the stimuli that would trigger that template's specific charge in the human brain's neural circuitry. Wherever the template art piece is placed, it radiates it's intentional field of resonance out into its immediate surroundings. Persons entering that sacred space can receive a vibrational blessing in a non-intrusive manner if they are open to it. These templates are wonderful for use in personal meditations and energy work, workshops and group work of various sorts.

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