Tehuti (Thoth) on the Andara Crystals / Crystal-Glass

I originally channeled the information on the Andara crystals (receiving that name for it). Part of my information on this crystal-glass has been circulated widely by others through the years. Below is the complete information, re-written  for conciseness in the 1990's. You will find it sheds new light on the California Andara crystal-glass.
- Maia

article written by Maia & Simeon Nartoomid

A brief preface to this information is in order. The Andara Crystals Tehuti  (Thoth) speaks of here are actually in another dimension of reality. The properties of these crystals however, are present in some man-made glass that has been found on the current sacred land site. It is a highly unusual set of circumstances that brought this about, but when the man-made glass was buried as scrap on the land some time ago, the energy of the original crystals ‘bled through’ the dimensions of time-space and anchored into the man-made glass, which we are now calling Andara Crystal-Glass, versus Andara Crystal, which denotes the original other-dimensional parent matrix. So all that Tehuti imparts here in regards to the energy dynamics of the Andara Crystals also holds true, albeit to a somewhat lesser degree, for the Andara Crystal-Glass.

Tehuti (Thoth): "‘Andara’ is the name we have chosen to identify the Prima Matra Crystals. These crystals are composed primarily of Prima Matra heated to very high temperatures. We have related to you in past transmissions that the ‘First Matter’* powders coming from Nellie’s land were created by an inter-dimensional implosion. The land was originally seeded for Prima Matra by those we call the ‘Timewalkers’* in conjunction with High Devas mythologically depicted as Unicorns. When the implosion occurred, the ‘seed’ material was heated, not only to very high levels, but in a contained hyperfield, which is created by two or more dimensions touching. A hyperfield forms a ‘no-time’ zone, where linear laws of thermodynamics are warped ,or in some cases do not apply at all. In was within such a hyperfield that the Prima Matra powders and the Andara crystals were created.

"Approximately 2,000 years after the inter-dimensional implosion, a Lemurian temple complex was raised on this site, the name of which was ‘Andara’, meaning ‘Light of Beauty and Perfection’. The primary purpose of this complex was in working with the Prima Matra powders, crystals and water on the land. (One of the temples in this complex was dedicated to the ancient archetype known to the Egyptians as ‘Sekhmet’ and to the Assyrians as ‘Ishtar’. Information on the Sekhmet temples appears in issue 2-96 of Temple Doors). While Andara was originally a Lemurian colony, those who participated in the Andara complex became their own race. By this we mean that through their purposeful interaction with the Prima Matra they transmuted their crystalline DNA, becoming a highly futurized form of ‘hue-mon’ being, even more developed in their Light matrix than the Lemurians of that age. Thus, at this point in our discourse, we will cease calling these colonists ‘Lemurians’ and refer to them as ‘Andareans’.

Again, please note here that Tehuti is speaking of the original crystals that formed about 115,000 years ago that are no longer in this dimension of reality except through the energetic connection to the man-made Andara Crystal-Glass now found on Nellie’s land, having been buried there in more recent times.

"Now we focus on the subject of the Andara Crystals. They resemble a crystalline glass lava. However, while certain similarities are present between lava-glass, such as obsidian, and these crystals, they are vastly different energetically. Natural lava-glass could be seen only as a distant cousin energetically of the Andara Crystals. Lava-glass is created from volcanic activity deep in the Earth, coming to the surface in an eruption. Because they come to the surface of the Earth from deep inside high-heat chambers, they do contain various levels of First Matter substance in them, but not enough to be called true Prima Matra. There are some exceptions, where the lava-glass has come from pockets of pure Prima Matra inside the Earth. However, Andara Crystals are even rarer than the Prima Matra lava crystals, in that they were formed inside a no-time hyperfield, creating within them a kinsothenitic continuum This is a continuum that allows a moving time field within the elemental and structural composition of the crystal formation. Understanding a kinsothenitic continuum would involve a complex dissertation in an area of science not known to you, thus we will touch on only the most basic understanding of it here. In essence, this ‘K’-continuum does not align to natural polarity, but instead phase-matches directly with the universal Light matrix, or the ‘Golden Net’ of Athena. Thus, utilizing the Andara Crystals (etherically, and \ or their current counterparts the man-made Andara Crystal-Glass), one may interact with Athena’s Net. This ‘Net’ moves matter beyond the time barriers. Access into Athena’s Net allows soul-matter units integration with future forms of Spirit-Matter.

"In the inter-dimensional implosion, an initial crystal-source was used to create what the Time Shamans desired to manifest: a black hole from the 3rd into the 6th dimension. Instead they created an implosion that was catastrophic. This initial crystal-source we will call the Alpha Ancient of Days. In the implosion, it was absorbed into the kinsothenitic continuum. The ‘center’ (speaking of dynamics and not location) of the implosion is where the Andara Crystals were created and is where the Alpha Ancient of Days was absorbed into the greater kinsothenitic continuum, (through the hyperfield) creating the main monofield* that flows throughout the planetary Prima Matra Temple. (Lands containing Prima Matra link together etherically through a main monofield containing lesser monofields within them.This is the Prima Matra or ‘Matra Elisan’ Temple.) Thus, the Andara Crystals contain the most concentrated charge of the monofield, hyperfield and kinsothenitic continuum. In this respect, they are even more potent than the Prima Matra powders.

"The Alpha and Omega Ancient of Days (its original and other-dimensional altered forms, respectively) contain a powerful interdimensional ‘black hole’. The Alpha version was in receipt of the black hole, but the Omega contains the latter-day black-hole frozen in space-time. The Andara Crystals, while not containing black holes themselves, do resonate with the sentience of the Ancient of Days that had been absorbed into their hyperfield. Understand that there is a sentience within the Ancient of Days Omega crystal. This sentience is more ancient that your comprehension could possibly accept, other than to call it ‘eternal’. Like Merlin in his magic cave, this sentience has been frozen in your time-space. The sentience in the Ancient of Days is an enlightened source of consciousness. It comes from the galaxy of Andromeda and was drawn into the hyperfield by the tremendous warping zone that occurred when the 3rd and 6th dimensions touched, or more aptly collided. We need to qualify here, that only the outer fields of these two dimensions collided, not their true ‘nests’ or inner fields. Had the nests been penetrated, another fallen universe would have been created (By ‘another’ it is meant other than the one in which your world is now partially caught within).

"While the Andara Crystals do not contain black holes they do contain ‘Blue Needles’*, which are small interdimensional vectors moving through time-space, which tunnel into various continuums. This occurs as a result of the kinsothenitic continuum already in place within the Andara Crystals (and thus Andara Crystal-Glass). Blue Needles can be found in lesser number within other types of crystals as well."

Tehuti now explains the alchemical decay of reality-streams linking the Andara Crystals of the 1st Millennium* with the Andara Crystal-Glass of the 2nd Millennium.

Tehuti: "The creation and dumping of the man-made glass on Nellie’s land is not a separate event from the forming of the Andara Crystal. It is simply a later stage of its alchemical decay. The man-made glass is the manifestation of the 1st Millennium implosion and resultant glass formation as experienced through the fracture of time in which your 3rd dimensional selves are present. As such, you need not view the seeming separate events or different forms created in each, but try to find how they may synchronize. Identify the single energy within the point of substantiation which has developed into de-evolving or entropic alchemical stages of its First Matter consciousness, one of these stages being the man-made glass reality.

"While the entire unfolding of the creation of the man-made glass which was eventually buried in the Prima Matra powder was a result of the decay of the original reality form, the moment where it intercepted its ‘mother’ reality (1st Millennium Andara Crystals) was when it was buried on the land. As it touched the mother matrix, all became one."

Tehuti addresses a greater principle within the ‘Andara’ experience.

Tehuti: "The Andara Crystal / Andara Crystal-Glass scenario is a powerful demonstration of the principle of Light Redemption. The redemption of Light is the retrieval of original Divine consciousness which plummeted in the ‘Fall’ or entropy of the Universe into states of being fractured from the One Source. All substances carry ‘trapped Light’, or Divine consciousness. Even the man-made toxins polluting your planet contain particles of original Divinity. In becoming aware of this truth, one may unravel the mystery surrounding it. In doing so, all decayed, fractured substances which currently weight your world and keep it from its pure state, could be effortlessly transformed. While the Andara has its unique place in this concept, it can serve as a vehicle for inserting this truth into the inertia of the planetary mass consciousness. What are the matter-realms you may identify in your environment from which Divine Light can be reclaimed? How can you, as a soul of the Family of God, act as a catalyst for that reclamation?"

Maia & Simeon: How can 3rd dimensional human beings best interact with the Andara Crystal-Glass for their personal transformation and to promote planetary transformation as well?

Tehuti: "There are as many ways as there are creative thoughts, however we will give some potentials in this transmission.

1) "Placing Andara Crystal-Glass on the chakras. You may use various meditational programs in accompaniment, or simply free-flow while in a meditative state.

2) "Create crystal-glass patterns with them, for structuring inter-dimensional ‘golden zones’ through which contact and synergy with higher dimensional Light beings can be achieved, as well as allowing your physical body to experience and merge with the golden zone frequency.

3) "Using crystal-glass patterns on land in which to grow food and herbs, in conjunction with Black Prima Matra powder sprinkled on the soil would promote plants with highly charged monotonic fields.

4) "Fashion pyramids, spheres and rings (torus) from the Andara Crystal-Glass to better qualify the energy flow.

5) "Place the crystal-glass within the circuitry of radionic devises.

6) "Form geometric patterns of the Andara Crystal-Glass in homes and temples.

7) "Charge water with the crystal-glass.

8) "If the Andaras are spun or vibrated at a high rate, their annoatomic powers will manifest. ‘Annoatomic’ is what we call the power within the atom to transform into a merkabah or vehicle of Light.

9) "The Andara Crystal-Glass is also heliocentric, meaning that it absorbs and reflects physical light toward the center of it’s crystalline spiral. Without elaborating on the science of heliocentric refraction, we will say here that this causes the Andara to be very healing to gaze into while holding in natural sun light."

Glossary of Terms

1st Millennium
The period of time before the ‘Fall from Grace’. Tehuti does not use the term millennium to describe a given number of linear years as the word is commonly used. Rather a millennium is a period of energy events. Since the ‘Fall’ actually started in Ancient Lemuria and concluded at the Crucifixion of Christ, the 1st Millennium technically ended at the Crucifixion. In actuality, at higher dimensions there was an overlap of realities where the 1st Millennium and 2nd Millennium meet.

2nd Millennium
The period of time technically starting at the Crucifixion of Christ. The reality of the 2nd Millennium was put in motion however at the time of the ‘First Fall from Grace’ in ancient Lemuria. We are currently in the 2nd Millennium reality, and will leave to enter the 3rd Millennium at the time of the planetary ascension. This will represent a ‘closing of the spiral’ (see also 1st & 3rd Millennium).

3rd Millennium, not in text - included for greater clarification
The period of time which will start after the planetary ascension. The 3rd Millennium will be another cycle of evolution unto it’s own, but will also represent a ‘closing of the spiral’ as it is a more evolved mirroring of the 1st Millennium. The movement from the 1st through the 3rd Millenniums represents one complete evolutionary cycle whereby Source gained greater knowledge of itself.

Blue Needles
Highly charged itonic (particles of supra-atomic substance) streams falling inter-dimensionally into a moving and spinning field (sigel field) of energy, creating whirling elongated holes in time. Visualize a black hole being spun at it’s vortex while it is slipping or falling through it’s own space-time hole.

First Matter
See Prima Matra

A field of consciousness without polarity.

Prima Matra
Prima Matra means literally Prime Matter. Esoterically this term has been used to describe very sacred substances that have naturally occurred or have been produced by priest-scientists in the ancient Temples. There was considerable work also done in the medieval ages by alchemists to produce Prima Matra substances, such as the white powder of gold, or occult gold as it was also called.

When this creation was still an entirely spiritual creation, as it slowed it’s vibration down, the very first matter to coalesce from the ethers was the original Prima Matra. It was imbued totally with the divine essence, not yet being polluted by any negative human thought / feeling energies.

There are many different forms of Prima Matra on the planet today, all of them represent differing octaves, or gradients of the original Prima Matra, and are considered yet to be extremely sacred.

The Timewalkers are synonomous with the original ‘High Mayans’. They are called Timewalkers as they are able to move through the veils of time unimpeded.

Footnote: the Andara crystal-glass was shown to a gemologist who classified it as ordinary glass (not volcanic). However, a spectro-analysis was made on the glass determining it to have absolutely unique properties not found in any other substance.

There are claims of Andara coming from other locations on the planet...which I originally received in my channelling. However, I believe that these 'other' Andara are possibly NOT infused into trash glass, as is the California Andara. They may be infused into lava glass, as is the claim of the California Andara (which I know not to be true, based on physcial proof that was once in my possession.) To me, the fact that the California Andara was infused into regular glass does NOT make it 'less than', and if fact I feel it is even more special, for it is a metaphor for how we should see everything as sacred and capable of transforming into higher octaves.
~ Maia, 2005

(article originally published in the 1990's)

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