I suggest that you read Burying of the 12 O'pah Symbols in preparation for the following article

The Enochian Emerald Table

Toth-mus-zurud transported the Enochian Table (among other names) from the blue star Rigel in the constellation of Orion. This “table” was not originally an object, but a geometric hologram stored within and projected from, the DNA of Toth-mus-zurud. It was in essence, a psionic template of the highest order–one that contained (among other things) the entire DNA encoding of life on earth from it’s inception to it’s conclusion as a consciousness system.

How could this be? Illumined beings such as Toth-mus-zurud (later to incarnate as Thoth, Raismes of Aphra), have a vast knowledge of the true nature of DNA and how it organizes in the universe. While many factors come into play in regard to the development of it’s material form, the underlying organization of it’s light-form is decided before it begins it’s unfolding as an energy body; just as a fetus in the womb is already programmed for a specific material organization based on the DNA codes of it’s parents. The crystalline field of the DNA determines the overall movement and diversity that the DNA will take in a whole system. The “whole system” of a planet, with it’s numerous systems-within-systems is imprinted within the crystalline field that creates and resides within the DNA. The crystalline field receives it’s programming from what the Lemurians called ikonos. The ikonos are floating rods of etheric plasma that move in a wave form, through dimensions. They are not found in “space,” but in the etheric sea which contains space. The ikonos are almost beyond our comprehension, but basically (very basically) they are intelligent conductors of the original Creation. They contain the alpha and omega codes of the universe. When they interact with the hecitates or creation cones of world systems, the 12 major crystalline geometries or IvI are formed with a crystalline field radiating out from them.

While DNA can and does change, whatever changes it makes are already anticipated within it’s crystalline field, for this field draws upon the ikonos, which are not limited by time. The DNA crystalline field with it’s 12 main “IvI” geometries, are outside the time continuum, and therefor knowledgeable of all points on the timeline of any given pattern.

I will not go any further with the topic of DNA here, but wished to bring the reader into an understanding that the Enochian Table was/is a vast holographic geometry system which was taken into the DNA of Toth-mus-zurud for the purpose of aiding the earth’s kind in creating more refined systems within the original template of their divine program.

When Toth-mus-zurud returned as Thoth Raismes, he once again contained the Enochian Table within his DNA. As Thoth Raismes, he had created an actual physical object...the “Emerald Table,” into which the Enochian geometries were inserted into charged tablets of alchemically created emerald. The purpose of this table was to allow technicians trained by Thoth to work with the Enochian geometries to facilitate balancing the information fields of the planet.

It was from the “blueprints” or sacred geometries of the Enochian Table that Toth-mus-zurud constructed (as master architect) the Great Pyramid, among other ancient structures. As Thoth Raismes, he oversaw it’s reconstruction after the Great Flood, using these same blueprints.

The Great Pyramid and it’s complex on the plain of Giza, Egypt is in itself, an encoding in stone of the planetary DNA program, in that it was built to respond to the major thresholds of that program as they unfold on and in the earth.

The Emerald Table lay beneath the Giza plateau in a hidden chamber yet in recent years was re-located toThoth's retreat beneath Lake Titicaca in Peru. Yet it is missing one of it’s tablets...the 13th of 13. Without this tablet, it cannot be operated. Thoth Raismes took the 13th tablet of emerald with him when he went into a vault which enabled his body to transform so that he could move into and dwell within the inner earth. The 13th tablet remains in that vault for a future age.

Each of the first 12 emerald tablets contain Living Light symbols (LLS), which radiate the Seriphimic Flames of the Elohim programs of Light that “sponsor” the sacred geometries of DNA encodings into life. The first LLS on each of the first 12 tablets is one of the 12 O’pah Desire Breathes of Creation (which are quickened by of the IvI crystalline geometries of the DNA). Therefore, each of the first 12 Emerald Tablets contains one of the 12 Opah “Breath” symbols as depicted in the Lemurian “Book of Breaths.”

The 13th Tablet is the catalyst for the preceding 12. It reconciles the randomness of the Light Mathematical codes of DNA potentials found in the Twelve. It is therefor a primary reconciler, bringing all potentials to a common point of “Logos” (the Word).

Thoth Raismes’ radionics technicians were called Tir’amat. The Tir’amat were not only trained to use the Emerald Table, but they came from the ranks of Thoth’s Khouri, which could be seen as his primary circle of priests and priestesses in the Academy of Thoth (originally named Academy of U’oris by Thoth Raismes) in the City of On (Heliopolis) in Egypt. The Tir’amat worked with 72 primary templates called the Kaf (meaning divine resonances), as given to them by Thoth (which he transferred into their Third Eye). By placing these templates with the Emerald Table, various planetary balances were achieved. Human transformations were also brought about using these combinations, which allowed individual initiates of the Temple of Thoth to enter a high state of alchemical transformation for the purpose of initiating rarified-state potentials within the entire human race.

Update: As of May, 2007 I have been informed by Thoth that the Enochian Emerald Table has been re-located to as Retreat beneath Lake Titicaca in Peru. For more on this, read my article "Portals of the Old Earth" in volume # 2 - 2007 of Numis'OM - Eye of Metatron.

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