akashic definition of: Gileihad - The Cosmic Order of the Swan-Grail

This Order is composed of those higher Light beings who will in a future age, move into the matter-realms through direct substantiation rather than incarnation, to anchor the Grail or Strallilium of Divine Genesis into the planets of recapitulation, such as earth. In this present age, they infuse regenerative 'grail' encoding into matter as a sounding or calling in of the future Strallilium. The Gileihad work through higher sound, light and color patterning, encoding the etheric and corporeal bodies of the hue-man being and that being's reality sphere. The codes they engender therein are those of the Grail-Heart/Swan-Grail necessary for humanity in order to receive their Pure Gem bodies of the New Earth Star.

 The Gileihad is one of the 7 jewels in the Key of Thoth.