Menon ~ Master Behind the Mask

The Sirian Enochian Master Menon -- the Lion-Headed One, stood before the incensors which emitted blue smoke. He wore the ceremonial golden lion mask cloaking the powerful countenance of his face from the uninitiated.

In the Mystery Temple of The Eye of Heru at the foot of the 'Sen' mountain (Mt. Sinai, also known as Mt. Moses), so the Grand Master Menon officiated before the Sacred An (Ark of the Covenant) to an elect gathering of his disciples.

He who would initiate Akhnaton and Moses in a future age, now raised his staff -- an ankh-headed jeweled scepter, and time slipped from its Eternal Wheel. All present were transported with Menon through the portal, and passed into a primeval forest of the Dawn Time.

I first became aware of Menon in the mid-1980s. His presence was brought into my experience by Thoth. I have never to my knowledge had any direct contact with him in this incarnation, but I do feel that I knew him in his earth-life as ‘Menon,’ a Master of the Enochian Mysteries. This being was the initiator of both Akhenaten and his son, who came to be known in the Bible as ‘Moses’. Menon’s Temple of Learning and Initiation was in the Sinai Desert. This temple was really a collection of small structures and an underground labyrinth. Menon performed his most sacred work with the ‘An’, the Ark of Grace (one of two ‘Arks of the Covenant’) in a chamber within Mt. Sinai (actually currently named ‘Mt. Moses’).

Menon’s life began in the Upper Eurphrates of Mesopotamia. His mother was Assyrian and his father...well, his father was a ‘God.’ His mother had been a temple priestess who was ritually impregnated by a Star Lord for the purpose of creating the ‘Blessed Ones,’ a hybrid race who were to guide heal and watch over the People. Menon’s father was from the star Sirius. He did not physically arrive here in a Ship of Light. Instead he stepped through a portal in space-time to embrace Menon’s mother, who was most willing to serve the Lords. These particular Sirians (there are several completely different types of beings within the vibrational strata of Sirius) are those who are known to me as the ‘Sun Lords.’ They are a cat-like race, which I believe were written about in Murry Hope’s book,
The Lion People. These beings contain great Light. The Sun Lords who interacted in this manner with the Assyrians were attempting to re-infuse the genetics of the human race with certain original Light codes which humanity desperately needed to regain at that time in human history...but that is another story.

As a result of Menon’s unusual parentage, he was kept apart from others as a child. He was carefully instructed and allowed to explore the strong psychic and healing abilities which he inherited from his father. As a youth he was sent to a great university in Sumer.

Menon’s features prohibited him from walking normally among the population. He resembled a human in most ways, but his nose was decidedly cat-like, his cranium somewhat elongated and the pupils of his eyes mere pin-points in bright light. For all his ‘supernatural’ talents, it was difficult for him to see in normal sunlight. His vision was excellent in the dark.

As his inner work progressed, he spent much of the time in the dark, in a deep trance state, moving into the magnetic pulse of the planet and feeding it the Light that rayed forth from his cells. By the time he had his Temple of Initiation in the Sinai, Menon often kept himself within several dimensions at once for days at a time...opening pathways of starlight in the earth for the healing of the planet.

When he was with other people, it was to give them a transfusion of Light in stages in order for them to embody the Raiment of the Sun for their individual sacred work on the planet. When appearing before others, Menon work a mask of gold that hid only the unusual nose, for the bold cranium and startling eyes were still very much visible; but Menon did not wear the gold mask solely to hide his appearance. The mask was a tool which he imbued with a thought form. It allowed persons to look upon him and remain calm. The energy that radiated from Menon’s being was so powerful it needed ‘dampening’ in the presence of mortals. He used the mask as a dampening tool.

I must admit that in re-creating Menon for my akashic portrait of him I tried in vain to duplicate his nose. Neither my software nor my skills managed to take me there. Instead, I opted for the masked version with the metal human-looking nose. I was able to successfully capture the eyes, although they really cannot be seen well with his mask on. Here is a closer look at the eye of Menon. I found it ironic that about a year or two after having been made aware of Menon, the TV series The Beauty and the Beast made it’s debut.

Menon is still very much active on the inner-plane and is one of the Physicians of the Blue Pharaoh within the Chariot of the Sun.

view Menon's Portrait  and  Menon's father

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