A Dolphin Temple was established on the island seen in this depiction of the Lemurian coast.

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The Lemurian Dolphin Temples

The Lemurians had their own form of "Dolphin Temples" connected to the Dolphin Whurla. These "temples" were not like the underwater pyramids built over the Whurla by the Atlanteans, but instead identified places on land that were connected through Dolphin Songlines to the underwater Whurlas. This Songline connection was established through human Shamans, who communed with the dolphins and "sung" with them to establish these land connections to the Whurla. It was a sacred dance of being between the Shaman and the dolphins. Once the surface node was established, the dolphins continued to maintain the connection generation after generation, as it had become part of their tribal Songline. The purpose for the Lemurian Dolphin Temples or "Parakta," was to allow humans to come into the sacred space which had been set aside for Dolphin-Human "singing," and call upon their sea brethren to commune in the heart, exchanging healing love-codes between the species.

Although created by the dolphins, the Whurla are not for dolphins alone. They send out ancient tribal patterns of connecting and orientating to the earthís ley lines with the other cetaceans of the planet as well. The whales, who are the great magnetic tracers, use the Whurla to map their courses through the sea. Thus, when connecting in a Parakta to the Whurla, a human or group of humans may also "heart-sing" with the whales as well.

Lemuria met itís physical end much differently than did Atlantis. Atlantis broke down slowly in several stages, creating different island fragments that were still held together as a nation until the last final cataclysm (caused by a mal-functioning time crystal) which plunged the main islands into the sea. Even then, there were small islands dotting the Atlantic which still remain today which were once a part of the original Atlantean continent.

Lemuriaís demise was more complete. While itís land mass changed many times through the millennia of itís existence in the Pacific, itís end came as a result of a giant volcanic explosion (the greater of two it experienced), which destroyed most of the continent, although some portions remained above water. This eruption occurred when the central sun "atoma" of our planet became over-loaded with a magnetic charge, caused by pressures in the earth's crust and magma.

Although some "chunks"  of the old Lemurian continent remain merged into the Hawaiian Islands, they are mostly buried in more recent lava from volcanic eruptions. Kaua'i which is the oldest of the islands is mostly Lemurian land, although greatly changed in topography. The greater part of the Hawaiian islands--especially the Big Island and the Haleakala mountain on Maui--were created as a result of magma pouring up through the "wound" of the exploded roil point under the Pacific Ocean at a later period of time. However, these Islands were raised within the energy envelope of Lemuria--an energy system still in place in that region, invested within the fragments of the original Lemurian continent that managed to escape vaporization in the tremendous final explosion.

So we can truly say that there are points upon the Hawaiian Islands that carry the charge from the earth which still resonates with the original Paraktas (Dolphin Temples) of Lemuria, attuned to the Whurlas that are perpetually maintained by the generations of dolphins throughout time. Dolphins spin Whurlas in the same places that they did when Lemuria thrived above them. Whurlas rarely change in surface location, as they are coming from the core of the planet and not the tectonic plates, which are constantly shifting.

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