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The twelve Genui are master Light-codes which connect and define the values and strengths of the individual ‘flames’ composing the Light Language of the etheric texts contained within the Records of Thoth. Thoth has instructed me to write the Genui in their most ancient names here, even though their individual purpose could not be understood without an extensive study of the science which encompasses the codification of Light Languages in the Akashic. His reason for giving this directive is that these names contain the vibration of the 12 separate aspects of Metatronic (full specturm) Light integration within the Adam Kadmon template, and thus within the highest Light level of the human DNA. While we may not be able at this time to understand these master codes on an intellectual level, their essential vibration can be accessed in meditation through the guidance of one’s own higher self and inner plane mentors, angels and guides. In the endeavor to realize Christ consciousness, certainly one can simply pray or meditate upon the essence and name of ‘Jesus Christ.’ However, by also focusing upon the twelve Genui, or sacred names of the individual vibrations of the Holy Adam Kadmon DNA template through which the ‘Body of Christ’ was made Man, the individual may further embed the ‘Christ’ as a consciousness vibration within their cellular consciousness. It is a subtle form of receiving Christic communion (the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ) into the deeper recesses of the physical body consciousness, which otherwise holds the greatest inertia and attachment to the lesser desires of man’s animal nature.

The Twelve Genui

1) Aspnu (ph. Ahzp-new) 2) Heri (ph. Harry) 3) Ansu (ph. On-sue) 4) Copti (ph. Cop-tea) 5) Khi (ph. Kee) 6) Kapth (ph. Cop-th) 7) Gephur (ph. Gay-fure) 8) Knossu (ph. Kay-nah-sue) 9) Taf (ph. Taf) 10) Roh (ph. Row-hh; soft ‘h’ sound at end) 11) Mutf (ph. Moot-ff; soft ‘f ’ sound at end) 12) Parhm (ph. Par-hym)

The UL-Mim

The ‘UL-Mim’ are the five Light Scripts used by Thoth in the ‘fire-inscription’ of his sacred akashic books. The UL-Mim are complete languages, whereas the Genui are key insertions that define types and qualities of information; something like commas, periods and quotation marks within a language.

1) Ketri Asandi or ‘Melek Script’ - a fire script used by Melchizedek to encode the first Melchizedekean temples in Lemuria. This script was impressed into the very stones of the temples. It holds the pattern of Solar Law.

2) Byri Phet Cuman or ‘Sirian Script’ - a Sirian Light Language code which the Sirian Masters such as the ‘Sun Lords’ of the Lion Race employ for their transcriptions of divine Metatronic emanations coming through the ‘Eye of Ra.’

3) Sidhe Mir Cshu or ‘Dheva (Deva) Script’ - a Nature Flame script of the Earth’s Devic Kingdom.

4) Eyri...Thoth states that through the Eyri he is able to fashion Light bodies which contain the greater codes of living Wisdom, which he "sets as guardians of the Great Records of Birth and Re-Birth into the Creation of the World." See also  The Alphabet of the Ark  for further insight into the Archangelic languages, which relate directly to both the Eyri and El An Noi.

5) El An Noi or the Violet Flame Light Script - one of the Archangelic Light Language scripts; this one is specifically used as a transference method for the codes of the Mandate of the Violet Flame into the genetic crystalline of the 12 Tribes of IS-RA-EL. It is also employed by the Elohim, as it forms the command codes for higher evolution which are then generated into creative activation through the Eye Writings. Both the Eyri and the El An Noi are languages which Thoth uses as an interface with the Supra-Akashic. They represent pathways through which he is able to give this planet a pattern of future resolution with the Mazaloth (greater universal state of being).

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