Atlantean Crystals

From the Akashic Repository of Thoth is given the following information on "Atlantean Crystals" (as viewed through the akashic perception of Maia Christianne).

What is being referred to here as "Atlantean Crystals" are the following:

1) implanted crystals - These are crystals brought from Atlantis and physically implanted into the earth at various locations, usually upon power nodes. During the age of Atlantis (especially in the latter days of is existence) most of these crystals were transported to other sacred areas. The crystals contained the original star codes which Atlantis was holding for the planet. (More on the "star codes" later in this article.)


2) transference crystals - Crystals still within the veins of the earth. They have had the light codes of Atlantis transferred into them by the Earth Guardians of Atlantis. All of these Atlantean programs are encoded within crystalline matrices of mineral deposits in the earth which Thoth calls "Merlin’s Mine." The "Merlin’s Mine" crystal deposits contain Light program encodings for various "programs" in stratum or energy layers of the planet, one of which is Atlantean.


3) interfaced crystals - These are "ordinary" crystals which have been reprogrammed to interface with the Atlantean stratum of the Merlin Mine (or other stratum of that matrix).


These "star codes" are the original star programs contained in the earth’s field from its creation out of "stardust." While the planet holds this cosmic stuff at its center, so humanity formulates the "codes" of creation from it...for they are the "Elohim" of the next planetary cycle. The Atlanteans as a culture, held these codes in a specific balance for the planet. When their end was near, it became their intention was to pass them into the next cycle through various means–one of which was through the crystals.


A Personal, Interactive Process


Using any crystal which you intuit as "clear" (not previously programmed), you may tap into the Atlantean Crystal Matrix–the "light net" connecting all the Atlantean crystals to the greater universal grid of UNITY Thoth calls the "Attasic," which is beyond the half-light reality-universe in which we collectively maintain in our field. To aid you in accessing the Atlantean Crystal Matrix, you may wish to visualize a blue-green light in the center of which is a sparkling clear crystal radiating rainbow colors. Chant the mantram OMU-RA-SA-SET-TA until you feel that you have successfully entered the matrix. Then chant AB-E-VEH-SEE-MA-ON-UR-EH as you call upon these codes to quicken your light body to the "Attasic" Universe.

For more on Atlantis, see Earth Chronicles - Atlantis


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