Gate of Loki


Thoth on the Gate of Loki crystal:

These crystals contain the light codes of the synapse or coming together of the 6th dimension crystalline matrix of current earth with the 7th dimension crystalline layer, which is the first "New Earth Star" crystalline matrix of Numis'OM. The Gate of Loki crystal works directly with the Kabba and the Cube of Stars (ref: Temple Doors, issue 4 - 1997), as these two foci are 6th and 7th dimensional respectively through their crystalline fields and light encoding.

Before the city of "Babylonia" on the same ground was Ashur Hamag - a temple and astrological city of unique purpose, beauty and symmetry. It was founded by A Muruvian (Lemurian) sect of Nagual who dwelt on the isle of I'mcha - a remnant island of Atlantis, now under the sea near the Canary Islands (remnants of Atlantis as well). The "Ika" or Grand Nagual saw in a vision the city of Ashur Hamag and where it was to be established. He and his sect made the long journey to the location (now in modern-day Iraq), using as his guide a crystal "soli" or compass-like instrument.

There was an original "seed vein" of crystal in the Ashur Hamag region into which the Nagual inserted specific light codes. From this seed vein, the crystals have continued to grow in various parts of the world - all containing these codes, as they are holographically transfered through the matrix of this type of crystal. The purpose of seeding this vein was to employ this crystal matrix on the planet as an insturment of contact between the 6th and 7th dimensional crystalline grids: between this world and the "world of the future", which the Nagual called the Hopi'tak. In the Hopi'tak, all manner of existence could feed backward through time using crystals and other natural substances to re-design the past and thus the "present."

The Nagual of Ashur Hamag called the encoded crystals Loki'ama, meaning "Gate of Loki", "Loki" being the constellation of Ophiuchus, "The Serpent Bearer." Ophiuchus was (and still is by some) considered the 13th zodiacal gate.

The Gate of Loki crystals are currently receiving the new codes of the Celestar as well. This is an on-going process.

Comments from Maia: No claims are being made by me or Thoth that the "Gate of Loki" crystal (what some are calling Calchelsite) is a new kind of crystal from an elemental perspective. In other words, gemologists may or may not consider it so. It is the fact that this crystal-type in the locations it is now being found (Iraq, China, etc.) contains specific and unique light codes. Thoth is stating to me that it is these codes which make the Gate of Loki crystals unique.

Thoth has spoken to me before of the Muruvian "Nagual"." Later I find that such is the name in legend and myth of Muruvian "Serpent Masters." I have found also another related connotation to workers of natural magic.

When I was receiving Thoth's input above on the Gate of Loki crystals and I came to receiving the name of the constellation, I had a block and could not get it. Thoth directed me to go to a star maps book I have and simply hold the thought of the constellation of "Loki" and then open the book. It opened on "Ophiuchus - The Serpent Bearer!"

In working with the Gate of Loki crystals I am finding that they can take you DEEP into the cellular energy field. Ask them to open the codes of cellular memory and release all such memory that is blocking your spiritual growth, healing and well-being. you do not have to "remember" anything to accomplish this. Just LET IT GO. Of course you can do this without crystals, but the Gate of Loki crystals seem to be an especially powerful tool of assistance in this regard.

My Loki crystal seen above was photographed with a flashlight shining through it, thus the golden tones. These crystals in the "raw" are partially opaque with some transparency. They appear either like a dark smoky quartz or some have a white exterior mixed-in.  The spheres can be clear and some smoky. I find this crystal exceptionally responsive to taking energy inward, deep into the cells, while requesting for re-programming of the cells / DNA -- transforming old thought forms and beliefs that no longer serve. My source for these "Loki" crystals is Fredaricka Yarom of Israel. She has donated many crystals - both Loki and other exceptional ones, to Spirit Heart Sanctuary. You can obtain these special crystals from Fredericka.

To view the Loki and other crystals and objects Fredaricka has gifted to me / Spirit Heart Sanctuary, see galleries 2 & 3 on My Sacred Things.

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