Yeshua in the New Earth
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Memunite Crystals

These are small micro-crystals created by “mem” or what Yeshua through Glenda Green in her book Jesus Speaks calls “adamintine particles.” These particles are the sacred base substance that forms everything in the universe.

The memunite crystals are concentrated crystalline aggregates of the mem particles found in the “Holy Light of Christ” - that Christic effulgence of LOVE-LIGHT streaming from the Universal Christ, which also radiates out of the body of the supreme Christic Host, I’shoa/Yeshua/Jesus.

When you call upon the Holy Light of Christ, you are indeed calling upon memunite crystals to fill the Cup of your being!

These crystals are so small that they cannot even be viewed by our most powerful microscopes, yet their power (in numbers) is immense: for healing, balancing and transformation.

Elemental crystals are especially good receptacles for memunites, but they must be "called" into them by angelics or human souls. The Phi Crystals have a large quantity of memunites, placed there by the Amatrix Angels. The Amaru crystalline grid on the planet has been highly charged by the angelics with memunites, thus the Amaru Seed Crystals contain them as well - determined by the amount of grid charge they receive via the human charging the seed crystals.

Memunite Crystal

After receiving this information and writing the above, I happened to read some old material on the New Earth Star, which I received and wrote in the late 1990's. I later placed it on Spirit Mythos, but did not have to type it in - was a "cut & paste" job. So I haven't ready read it in years (as of August, 2007).

In the "Opening of the Lotus" stage (of earth ascension) I read:

The Great Pyramid at Giza becomes the Thresholding Chamber for the Ascension fulfillment. Correspondent with this ancient structure is an etheric temple counterpart revealed to me as the ‘Temple of the Morning Star. 

"Within the Temple of the Morning a cube of transmuted gold known as the Adonai Kodesh....This cube is hollow, containing within it a sphere made of crystal ‘sophra which is a very pure form of crystallized white Prima Matra....In the Temple of the Morning Star it (the Adonai Kodesh) is positioned directly within a blue hole. A blue hole differs from a black hole in that the former is responsive to sentient consciousness control and the latter is not. Nor is it a blue needle, which is a funnel for Light transport within molecular structure. Blue holes are instead whole fields of transfer which align to specific space-time vectors. . . The Adonai Kodesh is a Urmemtet chamber.  This is an isolation field containing codes or signals which phase-match to multiple magnetic and electrostatic fields, enabling insertions of various consciousness- The Adonai Kodesh holds the function of determination as to how the particles of the Old World (both biological and geological) disassemble and reunite in the world of the New Earth Star."

Later in the same article:

...when the blue needle sent from the Urmemtet Chamber of the Adonai Kodesh enters the Violet Flame, this flame will respond by being drawn up and out of its nucleus, unfolding like a lotus; each petal resplendent with the dew of new-born self-creation. The fiery petals will stream outward revealing a single, brilliant core of golden Light. From this center, literally billions of needles of golden-white fire will extend into all directions within and upon the Earth. These are the awakening crystalline sparks of Christic Mind, moving through the escalating etheric current of the planet, initiating transformation of any vibration denser than that contained within the sacred vibrational matrix of the Great Pyramid.

So above we read about the "Urmemtet chamber" which will awaken "crystalline sparks of Christic Mind." I would certainly say that the Urmemtet was designed to quicken or gather the memunite crystals of the Holy Light of Christ!


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