Amaru Crystal Seeding Project


According to my transmissions from Thoth, on the Spring Equinox of 2007 at the Amaru-Muru inter-dimensional gateway (portal) at Lake Titicaca, Peru, a vein of stone was turned to an unusual crystal matrix. It runs like a ribbon beneath the surface of the earth, but will be "discovered" and selectively mined in the near future. This transformation took place between March 20th through the 23rd, however, it continues to transform subtly in frequency and will continue to do so for some time.  Any piece of this crystal removed from this matrix will continue to transform as if it had never left the matrix.


Uqualla at Amaru-Muru Doorway on March 20th, 2007
photo courtesy of Earth Works for Humanity

Also on March 20th a gathering of Elders met at Amaru-Meru for the purpose of "bringing the prophecy into manifestation" of the 500 years of spiritual light when "Our current planetary transformation is especially important for all Americans as it coincides with an Andean prophecy that predicts that the Condor will fly with the Eagle and peace will reign throughout the Americas, again."

Beneath Lake Titicaca, Thoth informed me years ago is also one of his two "Retreats," the other being near Crestone, Colorado in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.

Thoth is referring to this newly transformed crystal at Lake Titicaca, "Rey del Sol" or "King of the Sun." He states that one ancient translation of "Amaru" (AMAH'RA) also means "King of the Sun, with "Muru" MU'RA) meaning "Queen of the Sun." I asked him if there were any Queen of the Sun crystals and he indicated to me that this would become present on the earth at a later time. These are phi crystals of a high caliber and were transformed with the aid of the Amatrix Angels, working with the earth's souls in order for this world to receive the full measure of the PHI frequency, preparing us for the New Earth Star harmonic.


The Amaru Crystal Seeding Project

Thoth requested that this project involve the charging crystals to the Amaru crystal vein and burying or placing these crystals in various locations around the globe. These charged crystals he calls the Amaru seed crystals. They will contain the phi codes of the Mother vein. They will not be the same as the vein crystals, but will radiate a secondary frequency of that higher matrix.

The purpose of this charging and seeding is to connect various points on the planet with the Phi geometries of this extraordinary Amaru crystal vein, allowing that signal then, to move out and be received in a specific pattern of human intent on the planet. In other words, it is our action - our intent - that is important. The crystals are a secondary, yet certainly viable part of the plan. This is why (with a few exceptions) each person who participates in this project is to follow their own guidance as to what crystals are selected to be charge and where they are to be placed or buried.

As this process continues, a grid is formed out of the Amaru crystal vein. It will be a new and powerful crystalline grid for the planet that will eventually become the vibration of the DNA crystals of the New Earth Star frequencies.

How are the Amaru seed crystals to be charged with the frequencies of the originals?  There are various ways this could be accomplished, including simply holding a potential seed crystal and intending that it receive this charge. However,  Thoth has guided me to create a template upon which to set the crystals and a simple sequence to perform. This generates more consistency in the patterning of the energy transference and greater assurance that the crystals are indeed charged as they should be.

Below you will find links to a the template for charging the crystals. One is to a zip file with a small-sized image of the template that is high-resolution for printing to set on your altar or in your "crystal-charging zone." The other is a low-resolution version for your desktop - if you wish to simply commune with it as well in this way. There is also a link to the procedure.

I request that those of you who participate in this project keep me posted as to where you have placed / buried these crystals. You may do so by contacting me via e-mail. Please write in the "subject" box "Amaru Crystal Seeding Project."

Before proceeding, you might wish to read more here.

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