Parama Crystal

Thoth / Chariot of the Sun's evaluation of Parama Crystal eg6665.309
Transmission Date: 12/26/96

Parama Crystal: A Lemurian-type crystal devise used to create a 'Parama' field which is a geometric wave pattern that aids in clearing natural and un-natural distortion fields of most kinds, such as biophysical, geometric, electrical and magnetic.

The configuration of the Parama field, if placing its locus at the point of the human atoma, would move downward to the center of the Earth, then loop around and upward to the locus once again, then cross the locus and move upward and down again through the locus on the other side. This would create an infinity sign or lemniscate integrating human, Earth and stellar currents in a way that narrows the interactive field to 'squeeze' out distortion signals. For greater parameters of work (if desired) this crystal (eg6665.309) would need to be used in coordination with other crystals which then extended the interactive wave-forms (of human / Earth / cosmic) back out again, while maintaining the less distorted field.

A Parama crystal can be created that will effectively both reduce distortion waves and re-create an expanding field which can maintain the less distorted harmonic.

The creation and maintenance of a harmonic field promotes synchronization with other like fields as well as clarity, healing and well-being. Understand that high-dynamic energy (HDE) insertions create dissonant waves out from between the HDE and the grid being entered. Thus the harmonic maintenance of the Parama allows HDE insertions into planetary and biophysical grids with little distortion of the field.



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