The angel of the zodiacal sign of Pisces is BARCHIEL.  He is the "Bringer of Hope" to the human streaming. He sounds the calling within the depths of the soul to awaken to Divine Presence–to come forth and reveal yourself to the Father/Mother/Child within as a Whole Light Being–as Love personified.

At the same time, the angel Barchiel instills in us the beauty of the human experience–its true meaning and purpose in the hierarchal procession of divine manifestation.

We open our hearts, oh Barchiel, that you may witness our sanctuary of Spirit within, which is liken unto a prayer book marked upon a favorite supplication, read often and treasured for its sure message of hope and grace.

Oftentimes we do not seek that which seeks us; we do not comprehend the Infinite Love in which we are daily encompassed and cherished; we do not see the portal to God which is a shining doorway within us.

We ask that we may seek as readily as we are sought; that we may know the Love that is our Savior at all times and in all ways; and that we may behold the Great Light within, beckoning us through the threshold of the New Heaven and Earth.




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