Machidiel is the Angel of Aries, the first house of the zodiac. This angel invokes the fiery energy of Aries as a "Ray of the Sun" within each of us. It is both a quickening spark and a beam of transcending consciousness from the human heart, which we send into the center of our universe.

 Machidiel is the "Grace Bringer," for he is appointed to hold the FOCUS of GRACE in the HEART of each human being who seeks the TRUTH, the WAY and the LIGHT. Torkom Saraydarian calls the Aries Full Moon the Full Moon of the Christ, explaining that ". . .it was He who, for the first time in the history of humanity, speeded up the release of His inner fire to such a degree that, two thousand years ago, He entered the Father's House." Machidiel is the "witness" or the "kinsman" to the Christed Archangel. Machidiel is Christ's helpmate in focusing that first ray of zodiacal power into the House of Man.

 The Prayer:

May our Hearts flower through the touch of thy appointed hand, Oh Machidiel, that we shall open to the brilliance of First Light.

Quicken the Path for us, seed the Flame in us, restore the first moment of Life in us.

May our souls shed fear and doubt to look upon the Face of God once again.

For we are Children of the Eternal Sun, from whence the streaming Light of the Christ shines forth. Give us the patience, the endurance, the faith to reveal this Light in us.

We rejoice! Through the Glory of God, so be it.




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