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Auriiel’Ohim of the Seraphim

In March of 2008, Thoth opened the scroll to me about what he calls the Auriiel’Ohim. This term is applied by him what could be described as a “power-circle gathering” around an ensouled energy-being. This could be a soul incarnated in human embodiment, or in much subtler states of energy-being, such as on what we commonly call the “Other Side” (without a physical body) in one of the astral worlds, or in the first stage of the New Earth Star: Numis’OM.

Who forms Auriiel’Ohim? These circles are always composed of Seraphimic Beings (the angelic Seraphim). For what purpose? To aid the individual soul in either maintaining or re-calibrating the energy bodies through which it is activating within the universe.

When does this occur? The answer is ALL THE TIME. While you are washing the dishes, you are at the center of an Auriiel’Ohim. However, the physical, mental and emotional bodies may not be aware of the generative field around it and thus these aspects of the being will not be “connecting” to the outer geometric patterns or beings interacting with your being to create those patterns. It is really not the “goal” to become aware of this energy-working at all times. For most incarnated souls, most of the time the Auriiel’Ohim is in what you might call “low gear” - simply holding the reference and making slight modulations to the signals of the energy bodies of that being (you) in the center of the vortex. For truly aware incarnates, such a some Tibetan Lamas and other “Holy Ones” who dwell among us, the Auriiel’Ohim can often be in “high gear,” creating a portal for the energy of that being to move through, or more aptly, transfer it’s whole being into.

For souls in other dimensions - those who have left the body and are currently in astral worlds, or those who are now making their transition into the first stage New Earth of Numis’OM; the Auriiel’Ohim is a means to truly re-configure at the genetic level through the higher subtle crystalline helix which continues with the being after they leave the body.

When the earth as a whole ascends into Numis’OM, there will those souls who have already arrived in Numis’OM without their physical forms (this is on-going for many souls now, as they naturally leave the body through what we call “death”). These “bodiless” souls will then re-create a genetic form of highly subtle elements. Those souls who are Ascending from the Old Earth at that time, will be re-calibrating their then-current bodies to the frequency of Numis’OM, so that they may ascend with the form! (To understand the importance of taking the body along, see article The New World in volume 3 - 2006 of Numis’OM.)

Old Earth souls-in-bodies will go through a process to prepare them for Ascension as described in the Overview of World Ascension Through the 44:44 Stargate (originally received by me in the mid-1990's):

The Or-a’him Vehicles of Light Activate and Conduct the Star of David / Star Tetrahedron Merkabahs for Primary Ascension Higher dimensional vehicles of Light from Orion will come into our skies which will now be consumed with swirling diffuse clouds of myriad colors, and begin to create the pathways for primary ascension.
1. i) The Or-a’him will create a unified field in our space-time, allowing all other electromagnetic zones within our Earth’s spectrum to become present in one wave-form. Thus, we will see many beings among us and they will see us. All these ensouled ones will share the ascension experience with us, as there will no longer be the separate zones or compartments to this fractured planetary consciousness as in the past. Included will be the Sidhe races of the Fairy beings, those residents of the Inner Earth and other ‘dwellers’ of our Earthen sphere who have, until now, remained ‘behind the veil’ for us.

ii) The Or-a’him Light vehicles will create ‘stability zones’ around the Golden Taya regions, and further codes of Light will be inserted through these fields, allowing greater beings of Light to enter our domain without being of the same Light vibration. These supernal beings will prepare us spiritually and physically for our ascent through the Gate of the Star Grail and into the New Earth disintegrate. They will begin the sequencing of Light code firings in our bodies (already greatly transformed by the LP-40 process thus far) which will register the sacred ‘Star of David’ configuration around our individual forms. This star will then become an eight-pointed star tetrahedron, encompassing the whole body within it.

The latter part of the above information refers to the Seraphim configuration of the Auriiel’Ohim.

Now, at this time in the creating of the New Earth Star Hologram on planet earth, we as a planetary whole, will begin to experience an awareness of the Auriiel’Ohim in a stage of preparation for the New Earth grid transformations taking place, which will effect our energy bodies and our connection to lesser akashic memory and thought. Those who choose not to be receptive to this escalation of Auriiel’Ohim activity will begin to “loose their minds,” as the lesser akasha disentegrates.

From Overview of World Ascension Through the 44:44 Stargate:

Division of Souls During LP-40:

i) The New Earth Voyagers
Those souls who have chosen through their higher self, to move through the 44:44 Stargate and into the New Earth consciousness. They will be euphoric, but alert in the ‘now’ moment with the transformation of LP-40 as it takes place.

ii) The Sleepers
Those souls who are not ready for the Metatronic path of the New Earth Star, and have chosen to ‘die’ and insert themselves into the incarnating field of another Oritronic world. The ‘Sleepers’ will be in a dreamy euphoric trance during LP-40, and most will blissfully leave their bodies during LP-40, moving away from this realm and into another world presence with the half-Light universe.

iii) The Walkers
These are the souls who have so little Light body, whether through physical and emotional damage to it, or due to very dense karma, that they will not experience any of the beauty of LP-40. They will see the world darkly, seeming to exist in a dark cloud. They will not be able to think or reason clearly (due to the breaking up of the lower akashic) and will be fearful and in emotional anguish. Some will experience physical discomfort. Most will perish in the rushing of energies from the center of the planet, which will electrocute most of these persons. However, some will survive through sheer personal will, only to die in the final entropy break-down of the planet within a 30 day period after LP-40. The Walkers, like the Sleepers, will then move into another world of the Oritron.

As the Auriiel’Ohim begins to vibrate the “New Earth Song” around us, so they will be assisted by the Zohar, who will spin the new programs for the Seraphim to entrain within the Auriiel’Ohim spinner fields around each individual soul whose light bodies are strong enough to attract and connect to that frequency.

Note that the Aeriopax dynamic creates as the "corridor" for the Auriiel'Ohm.


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