Gabriel, whose name means, 'God is my strength,' is the governing Archangel of Aquarius. His keynote is 'Resurrection.' It was Gabriel who appeared to Mari Anna, the Mother of Jesus and also to her cousin Elizabeth, who was the mother of John the Baptist, with the pronouncements concerning the sacred births of their respective sons.

Gabriel as the Spirit of Truth, is said to have dictated the Koran to Mohammed and to have parted the Red Sea for the escape of the Hebrews out of Egypt.

The remembrance of your true soul path is the embodiment of the vibration of Gabriel. Listen to its call within you, quickening a resurrection of inner knowing as we recite the following prayer:

Gabriel, Archangel of the Spirit of Truth and the Resurrection of God-Knowing within us all, we summon thee to our midst, to preside over us this day, this hour, this moment; with thy loving wisdom and guidance. May the sacraments we receive at this gathering before the altar of the Lord, fill us with the fire of our resurrected selves, which is the passion of the Christ within us. Ye who did reveal thyself to the Mother of Christ, so reveal to us now thy Mantle of Splendor that adorned the holy child in the womb of Mari, carrying him to his Destiny in the Father's Love. May it be so now, and forever more, Amen.


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