Zohar Mages - Individual Images with Mantrams and Keynotes

ZM-01STD: Auhavvum - Balancing of Electro-Fields in the Energy Bodies: crown, 3rd Eye and base chakra synchronization

ZM-01STD: Shanta'eear - Re-calibrating Angelic Coding in the Body: through 3rd and 5th chakra alignment

ZM-03STD: Vindahm - Memory of the Flame: opening the fire lines in the body

Alah'oet - Quickening the Aura: by moving starlight through the left ventricle of the heart

ZM-O5STD: Mingat'ha - Developing the "Mingat'ha" or Robe of Light: the individual sheath of the New Earth Star Hologram: the subtle becomes the focus of intention

ZM-06STD: El'obim - Calling in the El'ohim (El'obim"): the Ba'him or "chant of God" vibrating in the DNA

ZM-07STD: Pashuka - Re-Distribution of Merkabhic Envelopes: in order to best align energy bodies to the Merkabah Family

ZM-08STD: Imtala'ask - Cellular Re-alignment to Celestial Co-ordinates: through stellar nodes in the body

ZM-09STD: Ishovar - Splendor of Light: the full blossoming of the "Flower of Light" or Grace envelope

ZM-10STD: Khenta'amu - Seeding the Celestial Strain: creation of bubble-spheres that carry the divine seeding throughout the universe

ZM-11STD: Neh'evita - Wings of Light and Perfection: the developing of Light Wings or etheric pulses emanating from the energy bodies and through the chakras

ZM-12STD: Kashumet - Transfiguration: the star geometries for transforming the Vehicle