Overview of World Ascension through the 44:44 Stargate

1) Maha Ratri
Membrane on this side of the Stargate. Oritron - within the realm of the ‘Dark Star habitation’ or Black Cube of Kabba.

2) Maha Rhim
Membrane on the other side of the Stargate. Metatron - within the realm of the ‘White Star habitation’ or the ‘Cube of Stars’.

3) The Golden Pillar of Light
The protective and formulative envelope for passage of matter between the two membranes of the 44:44 Stargate: the Maha Ratri and the Maha Rhim.

The Pillar of Light which extends from the Haha-Ratri membrane through the Star Grail (the 44:44 Stargate) and into the Maha-Rhim membrane is called the Skittuim pillar. This pillar is inclusive of both the Maha-Ratri and Maha-Rhim membranes themselves as well. This pillar forms the ‘Field of Deliverance’ from the Oritronic Earth into the New Earth Star of Metatron.

The Golden Pillar of individuation which aligns to each soul / bio-system that is in resonance with the dynamic of the Star Grail is called the Avatalkim pillar. This pillar represents the ‘Individual Extension’ of the 44:44 Star Grail dynamic to that individual.

4) Star of David Transfer
Star Tetrahedron merkabah interface with human beings, transferring their complete Light Bodies (inclusive of the physical) into a higher “Pure Gem” state.

5) The Aramu Temple of Thoth / The Numis-Ohm
The Temple of Thoth sits in the ‘overlap or ‘Var’ of the Maha-Rhim and the lip of the Star Grail. The ‘Numis-Ohm’ is the yet undeveloped plane that is to become the New Earth Star.

6) Aeriopax / Isis Eye
The main geometric for LP-40. It will fit within the ‘Pillar of Light’, that zone of protection and formulation that will keep our matter-bodies inviolate as we pass through the ‘Eye of the Needle’, the 44:44.

Process of Ascension: Light Principle Forty (LP-40)

1) The Earth Moves into the ‘Conversion Zone’
This zone can be seen in sacred geometry as the central diamond-shaped containment field within the Aeriopax that holds the jewel flame. There will be certain astronomical and astrological corollaries to the Earth’s entrance into this region, beginning with our movement spatially into the inner zone of the Photon Belt (we are already in the outer sheath of this belt.). As this begins to occur, we will see greater geologic disturbances in the Earth, especially earthquakes and volcanic action. Once the planet is fully within the Conversion Zone, so it’s central sun atoma (in the center of the Earth) will lock onto the greater Aeriopax coordinates coming from the 44:44 Stargate, placing this sphere we currently inhabit into the center of the Isis Eye.

2) The Opening of the Lotus
The Great Pyramid at Giza becomes the ‘Thresholding Chamber’ for the Ascension fulfillment. Within this ancient structure is contained an etheric temple counterpart Thoth refers to it as the ‘Temple of the Morning Star’.

i) Adonai Kodesh: Inside the Temple of the Morning star is a golden cube with a sphere inside connected to a ’blue hole’, which differs from a ‘black hole’ in that it is responsive to sentient consciousness control.

ii) Projection of ‘blue needles’ into pyramid’s Vault of Osiris

iii) Activates the Violet Flame

iv) ‘Lotus unfolds, sending golden needles out into the planet, calibrating the vibration of all matter to register above a specific threshold which The Keys of Enoch calls the ‘Sacred Formula Grid’.

3) Calibration of the Midnight Sun

i) Shield of the Sun: the sun will begin to create an opposite force field, an ‘anti-matter’ or ‘midnight’ sun

ii) Ultra-matter rushes through the blue hole as it is drawn upon by the anti-matter solar shield. This ‘ultra-matter’ envelopes the entire planet.

iii) Lightning Paths: paths for high transmission of Metatronic overlays within the Oritronic membrane. These electrical passages are created by the anti-matter of the solar shield into the ultra-matter now permeating the Earth. The lightning paths will cause the atmosphere of Earth to become charged with ‘itons’.

iv) Itons: particles of supra-atomic substance created by breaking atomic bonding to the Oritronic Spiral. These particles act as ‘seeds’ for the Metatronic consciousness in this reality system. Itons are atoms that have been turned inside out. Once our physical atoms have the proper Light mathematic encodings to itonize we will be able to safely pass through the LP-40 ascension.

v) The Golden Taya and Tetratryons: The Golden Taya are the land areas on the planet (a total of 20% of all surface area of the Earth) which will move through the Stargate with those humans who are ready to ascend.

Tetratryons are hyperspace tetrahedrons with open ends connecting to one another to form dimensional transference zones It is through the tetratryons that energy travels between different dimensions....As the tetratryonic activity escalates within the Golden Taya zones, there will be gradient levels of Light interaction at the cellular level for all living things within these energy fields. (Note: tetratryonic activity will not be present in land regions of the Earth not within the Golden Taya.)

4) The Sacred Rushing
Uprushing of energy response from the central sun atoma of the planet. Will be transmitted to the center of all bio-physical brains as a humming, like a hive of bees. Will create a state of Euphoria in all animals and most humans. Most humans who have not chosen ascension, and thus are not encoded with the transference fire letters, will die in this experience. Inner Earth Elohim will awaken and move upon the surface of the Earth, visible to those who bear the Light codes for ascension into the New Earth Star.

5) The Release of the Gaiavatha and the Transference of the Planetary Genius
A wave of golden light, known as the ‘Gaiavatha’, will updwell from the atoma of this sphere and enter all matter resonant with the 44:44 octave of ascension. This golden light, which will be plainly visible to the human eye at that time, contains all the Light codes of the Earth; even those portions that will not go through the Stargate. These codes will be saturated into the ascending matter to be carried as a full hologramic insertion into the New Earth Star.

The Planetary Genius will be retrieved from the center of the Earth and transferred into the New Earth Star. The ‘Planetary Genius’ is, according to Thoth, “the completed thought form containing the identity of consciousness for your World Domain from its Alpha through Omega (beginning to end). It is untainted, free of all illusion, and yet it is not omnipotent, as it defines and identifies, therefore it has a distinct polarity, and that polarity is to qualify and preserve the Eshaton of the Earth.”

Rowena P Kryder’s ‘Gaia Matrix Oracle’ defines ‘Eshaton’ thus: “The Earth is a wisdom body. Gaia has the perennial tradition at her core. Eshaton means ‘the last things’. All can be consumed except the truth, represented by the New Earth Spiritual World....The phase of Eschaton is an illuminative, fiery, spiritual consummation of the earth and all beings within and upon her.”

6) The Or-a’him Vehicles of Light Activate and Conduct the Star of David / Star Tetrahedron Merkabahs for Primary Ascension

Higher dimensional vehicles of Light from Orion will come into our skies which will now be consumed with swirling diffuse clouds of myriad colors, and begin to create the pathways for primary ascension.

i) The Or-a’him will create a unified field in our space-time, allowing all other electromagnetic zones within our Earth’s spectrum to become present in one wave-form. Thus, we will see many beings among us and they will see us. All these ensouled ones will share the ascension experience with us, as there will no longer be the separate zones or compartments to this fractured planetary consciousness as in the past. Included will be the Sidhe races of the Fairy beings, those residents of the Inner Earth and other ‘dwellers’ of our Earthen sphere who have, until now, remained ‘behind the veil’ for us.

ii) The Or-a’him Light vehicles will create ‘stability zones’ around the Golden Taya regions, and further codes of Light will be inserted through these fields, allowing greater beings of Light to enter our domain without being of the same Light vibration. These supernal beings will prepare us spiritually and physically for our ascent through the Gate of the Star Grail and into the New Earth Star. They will begin the sequencing of Light code firings in our bodies (already greatly transformed by the LP-40 process thus far) which will register the sacred ‘Star of David’ configuration around our individual forms. This star will then become an eight-pointed star tetrahedron, encompassing the whole body within it.

Division of Souls During LP-40:

i) The New Earth Voyagers
Those souls who have chosen through their higher self, to move through the 44:44 Stargate and into the New Earth consciousness. They will be euphoric, but alert in the ‘now’ moment with the transformation of LP-40 as it takes place.

ii) The Sleepers
Those souls who are not ready for the Metatronic path of the New Earth Star, and have chosen to ‘die’ and insert themselves into the incarnating field of another Oritronic world. The ‘Sleepers’ will be in a dreamy euphoric trance during LP-40, and most will blissfully leave their bodies during LP-40, moving away from this realm and into another world presence with the half-Light universe.

iii) The Walkers
These are the souls who have so little Light body, whether through physical and emotional damage to it, or due to very dense karma, that they will not experience any of the beauty of LP-40. They will see the world darkly, seeming to exist in a dark cloud. They will not be able to think or reason clearly (due to the breaking up of the lower akashic) and will be fearful and in emotional anguish. Some will experience physical discomfort. Most will perish in the rushing of energies from the center of the planet, which will electrocute most of these persons. However, some will survive through sheer personal will, only to die in the final entropy break-down of the planet within a 30 day period after LP-40. The Walkers, like the Sleepers, will then move into another world of the Oritron.

7) The Secondary Ascension
From among the ‘First Wave’ or those who ascended in the ‘Primary’, will be souls who choose to come back through the threshold and aid other souls, who in the ‘Eleventh Hour’ have made the decision to ascend into the New Earth Star. They will assist the ‘Angelics’ in helping these ‘later-comers’ through the portal.

Many of the Sleepers will be guided through. Fewer of the Walkers. In the entire count of First and Second Wave, only approximately 40% of the then-currently incarnated humanity will be taken up into the Pillar of Light.

8) Transport of Un-embodied Earth Souls Into the New Earth Star
Souls of the Earth who are not embodied during LP-40 will go through their own process of transference into the New Earth Star. The dis-embodied Voyagers will go through an alignment of their etheric bodies with the Adam Kadmon template, so that they will be able to enter the New Earth physical format. In fact, some Voyager candidates currently within the non-corporeal, are already working between the two sub-zones on either side of the Star Grail: the Maha Ratri and the Maha Rhim.

They will, of course, have to be inscripted during LP-40 in order to actually enter the New Earth Star, but in the meantime, some souls are being allowed entrance into the Numis-Ohm, the pre-formative New Earth matrix.