According to my Akashic insights, the history of continent of Atlantis spanned thousands of years. I have roughly divided this into the following epochs:

Early Epoch

A very "organic" period in which the inhabitants of Atlantis merged their being with the planet and its heartbeat. The material forms they created in this environment  flowed within the patterns of the most natural style and rhythms of the earth.

Middle Epoch 1

A time of interstellar communion with beings of other worlds. While Lemuria chose not to participate quite so actively in the technological advances as a result of this exchange, for the most part, Atlantis embraced it whole-heartedly.

Middle Epoch 2

While technology was still in full force, there were an increasing number of Atlanteans who began to reject much of the advances of science. They saw that the natural spiritual "being" of the people was rapidly decreasing as a result.  Groups began to form from among both the science community and the spiritual, coming together to work for a transition into a less mechanical world. It was not their intent to throw out all technology, but to simply bring it into balance with spirit. There was resistance to this movement by the large majority of those in power at the time. The people in general ranged from indifferent to concerned, but took no real action in support of either side.

Late Epoch

Severe cataclysms brought on by a combination of occurrences, including the breaking up of one of the earth's two moons and a war of huge proportions, shake the world, submerging Lemuria and breaking Atlantis into a much smaller mainland with surrounding islands. Knowing in advance when this would take place, the Atlanteans sequestered themselves and their technology in the tunnels and caverns of Atlantis. They  survive, However, they are seriously depleted in their resources to re-build. Slowly, a lesser form of technology emerges and a greater emphasis or spirituality comes forth from the ashes.

The people now are awakened to the importance of keeping their lives in balance. The scientists become concerned by degeneration of the human DNA.  Natural abilities are rapidly deteriorating in the human being. They fear the eradication of the species. A large number of the "old school" scientists gather together on a cluster of new islands, now part of the Atlantean chain (Bimini). They create a vast complex there for the purpose of altering the time continuum to "correct" genetic de-evolution. This complex is named "Ourhura."  The rest of the Atlantis is wary of Ourhura and their secret project. This complex and its islands are considered outcast from the rest of Atlantis as a result. 

The Isle of Ruta, on the other hand (once a part of a larger continental Atlantean province by that name), becomes the Atlantean "holy isle" of the people.

Latter Days

More cataclysms batter the earth, tearing the remaining largest portion of Atlantis into sections.  Using the tunnels once again, the people return to a changed landscape. They look only to essentials, re-building their temples and using sparingly their remaining technology. Ourhura manages to survive and continues its efforts to "save humanity." Ruta become even more shrouded in an Avalon-like haze, almost invisible to the rest of Atlantis and to the world.

The final spasm that takes place through a "time tsunami" accidentally created on Ourhura by their attempts to manipulate time at a microscopic level. The "time crystal" employed in this pursuit shatters, creating an involution of time waves upon the earth. Since this event  was not an act of nature, there was no warning.  However, many Atlanteans nevertheless knew the end was coming as a matter of common sense and also being attuned to the prophetic direction in which Atlantis was heading toward its own demise. As a result, there had been large evacuations from the remaining Atlantean islands--both into the caverns and across the seas. There were more people actually leaving Atlantis this time than simply waiting out the storm within the womb of the earth.  Ourhura was no more, basically blowing itself into the time void.  Ruta remained. Those who stayed on Ruta knew full well the fate of Atlantis soon to come, yet they were dedicated to holding the sacred power in that place, as an acu-node for the earth.  When the time tsunami hit, it was Ruta that ascended in tact into another dimension.

In order to place the above history into proper context as juxtaposed  to the history that defines this reality we now dwell within, I suggest you read  my document, "THOTH ON EVOLUTION OF EARTH WITHIN MULTIPLE REALITIES", which is attached to the "Earth Genesis" section  of SPIRIT MYTHOS.

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