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Adama as a nine soul unit breaks apart and the souls separate. The Earth now moves outside of its star-sun. It enters a period known as the 'Time of the Mists, in which a fine etheric substance that can be imbued into a vaporous element is formed. This fine etheric substance is known as Azoth, and from this Prima Matra or first matter is created. Azoth is similar to Aether, but more electric in nature. Plant life now undergoes experience within pathways that open into an earthen-like sphere which is not entirely corporeal, yet not of the cloud-like quality of the Hyperborean Epoch. This earthen sphere is more like a density of tissue which is malleable and elastic in nature. The Sama is a stage in which direct manifestation of thought still occurs, but with less consistency. Other pathways are beginning to form now also, through which less direct manifestational processes can develop.


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