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Pure Light Inscription 

The Earth is a highly luminous creation inside of its star-sun. In this era it exists in the spectrum of full Divine Light, although it is already in a de-evolving Universe created by the Universal Tear or separation from Source. The Adam Kadmon Template is delivered unto the Hyperborean Earth. The Seraphim Angelics usher souls into the Earth of the Hyperbora. From the Adam Kadmon, a supra-being called Adama (the nine Adam Kadmon souls) is created. This being is an intelligence in a hue-man like form of high ordinance. It is in the image of the perfect template. 

All beings in the Hyperborean Earth are amorphous and somewhat like jelly fish in form. In the first period of the Hyperborean existence there is little visual difference between these high forms of plants, animals and hue-mans, but as Adama comes into prominence, souls then take upon themselves somewhat more physical mantles of being. This first race under Adama is known as the Solomons. The Hyperborean Epoch is in the plane of pure manifestation through Light Inscription where thought can create form directly. At this point the Nephilimic fallen Lords begin their genetic manipulation, setting the stage for the angelic ones to then inter-mix with the Solomons. This divinely ordained inter-breeding created an angelic / hue-man species which Thoth calls the Nathana, and was conducted for the purposes of attempting to preserve the Metatronic full-Light orientation in the genetics of Earthbound humans.


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