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In the expansion of Spirit into greater dimensions of experience, a sudden separation occurs in the Light grid of this and several other universes resulting in what Thoth refers to as the 'Universal Tear.'  As a result, two Light spectrum grids are created, which could be seen in terms of sacred geometry as spirals. These are the full-Light Metatronic spiral (undescended Light) and the half-Light Oritronic spiral (descended or fallen Light).

The Universal Tear exposes the central node where all energy ley lines of this universe conjoin, which Thoth calls the Eye of Ra. The star worlds forming the sacred trinity of Orion, The Pleiades and Sirius construct a high-Light energy pyramid to act as a capstone over the Eye of Ra, somewhat like a cosmic band-aid to keep this universe from self-destructing, and appointed the Sun Lords of Sirius as guardians of this structure, which is called the Telos.Aarkhara. The Telos.Aarkhara essentially re-creates time event horizons that feed to and from the Eye of Ra so that time fractures are not magnified and perpetuated throughout the entire universal grid.

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