Cellular Fire

As a result of the breaking apart of the supra-being Adama, a charge is sent through the time-space of Earth, and is received as Divine Fire into the cells of the Nathana. The Solomons have all now become Nathana through the interbreeding of Angelics with the Solomon as previously described, and they are now transformed into Adamic man through the release of this Divine Fire charge. Once the Divine Fire has been received by the Nathana souls, then all of the Nature Kingdom responds by sending the Divine Fire charge into the cells of all other living things. Before this occurrence the genetic pathings and codes had been contained strictly in the Divine Light. At this point the Divine Light becomes more engendered with a response to matter through fire, and the fire is contained within fields of matter, and these fields of matter are the morphogenetic fields of the cells in all living organisms. It is important to understand that previous to the receipt of Divine Fire at the level of the cellular morphogenetic field of resonance, the cellular component contained a certain aspect of self-aware or I AM consciousness, but the individual cells were not aware that they existed as singular manifestations of a whole. With the advent of the receipt of Divine Fire, each cell then became indelibly inscribed with the I AM Presence. The cetaceans embedded Divine Fire into their cells within the earlier period of the Eros Epoch, but this was accomplished through the development of a separate entity from the rest of the Earth experience, and is not a part of the I AM individuation of the Earth as we know it. In other words, the Adama cell of consciousness was not a part of this dynamic directly.


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