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The Oritronic half-Light reality has taken over Earth at this point. The Adamic Race is set aside by the Divine Hierarchy. They have broken with their Inscriptions of Light by attempting to create with their God-given powers outside the full patterning of Light consciousness. Thus the 'Adams' are sent from the Garden. Lesser evolutionary forms are then created from human genetics, such as the apes, and later the human-like species such as Cro-Magnon man etc.. The Nephilim at this point enter the Earth through direct physical incarnation, and further genetically manipulate the sons and daughters of the Adamic Race. The Nephilim create and then destroy a second Garden of Eden created in a separate reality zone. It is here that governmental structures come into existence to take the place of alignment to the Divine Hierarchy which has been lost. Entire kingdoms of separation evolve to develop an organizational matrix in which to define these separate paths. Lemuria and later Atlantis are examples of the early manifestations of such matrices, and thusly become powers of human Light and Will more so than the original Divine Light and Will. Lemuria is in time broken apart by cataclysms, then the Nephilimic wars take place, and next the time-crystal in Atlantis is incorrectly used, albeit with good intention to violate the pyramid-temple in the City of Lords located within the Cydonia complex on Mars. The Earth's time tear which we refer to as the 'Kali Rift' is then created, all of which ultimately destroys Atlantis as well.


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