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MERATH (New Earth Star)
Return to the Light Inscription of Metatron

The ascension of the planet sometime after the year 2,000 will carry us back into the true time zone of the Ranna Time Flow, in which we will be received once again into the full Light Spectrum of the Metatron.

These seven Earth stages, epochs or zones are divided further, into three main parts: From the Hyperborean through the Adama Epochs, the first four stages form what is known as the 'ATHA,' meaning Time of the Light.

The second envelope begins with Nadmen and continues through Pathagara. The envelope of the fifth and sixth stages is known as the 'VELA,'  meaning the Time of the Fire Within. This is the period when matter was engendered with Divine Fire in the cells and subsequently separated from the full Light of the Metatron.

The third envelope begins with Merath, which is only the first stage in the New Earth Star. The New Earth Star is in the greater envelope of 'ATHA-NUI,'  meaning The Return to Light. It is a re-direction of the full spectrum of Light Inscription back into the full-Light spectrum of the Metatron.


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