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All worlds in this universe have realities in both the undescended full-Light of Metatron and the descended half-Light of the Oritron. In the full Light Metatronic spectrum the constellation of Orion is the Guardian of the Gate, or the universal portal of return to the full Light Universe. The beings from the full Light matrix of the Orion star system act as a touchstone for Light Redemption, that is the return of the divine codes of evolutionized intelligence to the source. A gathering of Rigel (the blue star in Orion) human-like beings called the Blue Fire Command oversee the ongoing disparity of energetics that exist between the full-Light and half-Light intelligences in this universe, and intervene in the name of the Metatronic or full-Light consciousness when appropriate.

Now we proceed into the Earth's Stages of Descent into matter as an extension of the macrocosm outlined briefly above. The first stage began within the Ranna Time Flow, but after the Universal Tear and the advent of the Eye of Ra and Telos.Aarkhara dynamics had manifested.


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