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The Earth now receives atomic bonding. Matter and Life as we can comprehend it in a linear sense begins. The more basic living consciousness such as microbes, break away from the Greater Body of Gaia Earth-Mind. While still linked at the electrical-neural level, these basic forms create their own world within the greater World. Plants are still highly evolved Devic nature beings, yet they now find themselves becoming firmly rooted in the expanding physical matter plane of Earth. Direct manifestation from higher intelligence occurs much less frequently now. This form of creation is now reserved only for the Elohim or Master Earth-Builders, and those souls who work under them who are the Eloha. Highly evolved Devic beings who refused to take lesser living forms, now create their own passage into the Earth's matter plane by combining their creative Light in a dance of unity, in order to design and inhabit the bodies of cetaceans such as Dolphins and Whales.


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