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Calibration of the Midnight Sun

As the Earth's etheric current rushes to greater levels and the golden sparks of Christic Mind transform all vibration in matter to match that acceleration, so the original blue hole overlaid with the Adonai Kodesh will begin to create high-frequency rotational fields of plasma around its core. This, in turn will drawn upon the solar shield of the sun, and the sun in turn will begin to create an opposing force field, resulting in an anti-matter or 'midnight sun'. This will be a sheath only, just above the surface of the solar orb. All the other planets in this solar system will experience a sensation of the Earths LP-40 process, but only Venus will move with Earth through the stargate. It must be understood that the living being of the planet Venus is already in a higher frequency than Earths. This is why it appears 'dead' to us in our reality. However, as a guardian to Earth, it cannot pass through the gate until we do. When our world transcends, so Venus will as well, simply from a different point of demarcation. Once on the other side of the stargate, Venus and Earth will become twin worlds, existing in the same zone. Thus when the midnight sun is born, both Venus and Earth will respond, while the other planets in this solar system will nourish the procedure with their stabilizing energies. The solar anti-matter sheath will cause dense cells of anti-matter called balistima to build up in its field. The in-rushing forces of ultra-matter from the blue hole will now be expanded to envelope the entire planet and will draw upon the balistima like a magnet. This process is born of the supra-powerful attraction of opposites that will be occurring. Ultra-matter is in the same charge as is our matter, but of a much greater full-Light vibration. Anti-matter which exists due to the very nature of its opposite universal charge, responds to matter by attraction, collision and then annihilation, but responds to Ultra- into its interior. The lightning paths will subsequently cause the atmosphere of Earth to become charged with itons. As the itonic field builds, the regions on the Earth which I am given to call the Golden Taya Allotments will begin to register their own specialized fields within it. The Golden Taya Allotments are the land areas on the planet comprising a total of 20% of Earths surface area, which will move through the 44:44 stargate with those humans who are prepared for ascension. The high level vibrational fields which will begin to form in these regions will contain specific Light codes which have already been embedded in the matter thereof, that will react somewhat differently to the itonic over-field consuming the planetary ecosphere at that time than will other areas of the planet. In these ‘Golden Tayas will begin to take physical form in the new atmosphere. Tetratryons are already beginning to form in the etheric within the Golden Taya areas of the Earth. At first, the atmosphere of the entire Earth will become itonic. Next, the matter forms within the Golden Taya will itonize, and in a later stage the matter which is not within the Golden Taya regions will also transfer into itonic substance. While all of the matter of the Earth will eventually itonize, that within the Golden Taya will undergo a much more accelerated process. The matter forms of the Earth which are not going through the 44:44 stargate must itonize in order to release their ‘nectar.egions, as they will be preparing to separate from the rest of the planetary matrix.




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