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Sacred Passage to ZION NATIONAL PARK, Utah
September, 2002


Zion National Park is located in Utah, between St. George and Cedar City. It is one of many beautiful and spiritual powerful National Parks within a 100 or so mile radius in the Southwest.

According to my Akashic insight, Zion National Park is the 12th Gate of the Ascension Temple grid.  In September of 2002 my husband Simeon and I went on a sacred passage to Zion. I had been once before, some 28 years ago, and never forgotten the sacredness of my prior experience there.

I don't believe that I have ever been so spiritually nourished by a place before or since. I went to Zion at that time, as I had received inner-plane guidance to do so. This was the "next phase" in my initial move to Salt Lake City...which I relocated to sight-unseen that first time, as I had been given insight that my soul was involved with the Mormon-Hopi connection. Both these groups have sacred history connected to "tablets" which they were led to by a fair, tall being from beyond the seas. Actually, Mormon history is that the being who led Joseph Smith to the tablets was an Angelic messenger, whom they call "Moroni," but the actual tablets were created by a man from the Middle East, named "Mormon," who along with a small tribe of people, had migrated to the Americas. The Hopi call the being who led them to the tablets, "Pahana," and he was said to have come from beyond the great expanse of water.

Back to the early 1970's: In going to Zion National Park, it was revealed to me that I would come into the energy field of the "tablets" that link the ancient people of Mormon and the Hopi together. These tablets have been sequestered and guarded for many ages and give off a radiance that is restoring a grid in the earth's field. The full restoration will not come about, however, until key persons in the Mormon religion and key figures in the Hopi tribe come together in an enlightened sharing of consciousness. By my going to Zion Park, I would place myself in that field and this would guide and influence my path and spiritual purpose in this lifetime.

So my mother and I, along with a friend, went to Zion. Before I continue with my personal story, a little about the Park itself.

It is a very sacred place to the Native Americans. All the main geographical features of this canyon were given Christian, mostly Mormon -variety names, such as "The Three Patriarchs." The name Zion in Hebrew means (among other things) "established, constituted, fortress, monument, column, landmark and place of refuge." King David named the fortified hill that he took from the Jebusites, "Zion." The tent of meeting and the Ark of the Covenant were on Zion during David's reign. In the Bible, "Zion" is often used to mean the whole city of Jerusalem. It is also sometimes applied figuratively to mean the "New Jerusalem" or Holy City of the future kingdom. Symbolically, Zion symbolizes spiritual consciousness.

According to my Thoth Records, the name Zion is attuned vibrationally to "itons." According to Thoth, itons are: "particles of supra-atomic substance created by breaking atomic bonding to the Oritronic (or half-Light) spiral. These particles act as "seeds" for the Metatronic (full Light) consciousness in this reality system." The word "Zion" is a vibrational attunement to the supra-atomic substance of the full Light (Love) consciousness.

As the 12 Gate in the Ascension Temple,  it is in Zion (the canyon) that the Pillar of Light of the New Earth Star will build its column in this magnetic zone of the earth, causing a falling away of the shields that divide the magnetic zones of the planet and unifying them all. As the shields fall, souls incarnated in the various zones will become aware of one another. Since some souls are incarnated in more than one zone at the same time, this will become very interesting!

Now to continue with my journey to Zion in the 1970's:

We met a woman who lived in the small town of Hurricane, just outside the park. At that time she was probably in her early 60's. I shared with her just a little of my "work," but I do not remember exactly what I said to her. My sharing resulted in her relating to us that she and her family and friends who lived in the area, had had many unusual experiences in Zion's. She told us several personal experience stories, most of which I have forgotten, but the two that remain with me I will share here.

She and her daughter and her daughter's baby were in the Park one evening, just as the sun was setting to watch the sunset from a particular vantage point. The woman and her daughter were intently watching the sunset as the baby peacefully gurgled, with her little face looking over her mother's should. So both women were looking one way, with the baby viewing the opposite direction. The baby suddenly began to scream...a really horrifying scream. Shocked, both women saw that the child was staring over the mother's shoulder with a terrified look on its face. The women turned to see what was scaring the infant, to find a "Neanderthal" (the woman's definition of him) with a sloping forehead, hairy, naked body and long arms staring at them in what this woman took to be a menacing fashion. The women were simply struck dumb. They were paralyzed with fright, and held the infant tightly between them. Then, another being simply "appeared" to the far side of the Neanderthal. This other being was a tall male with blonde hair and a flowing white robe. The golden figure raised his had toward the ape-like man, and the latter disappeared! The infant, who had never stopped screaming, suddenly began cooing and gurgling, with a smile on its face, its eyes fastened on the Golden One. Then this figure, too, disappeared. When the woman shared this story with me, she seemed very sincere. She was not a "New Ager" and had very traditional Mormon background and beliefs.

The second story which I remember was her telling me that she and her daughter would often see the walls of the canyon open up at high places and they could actually peer inside the recesses with binoculars, but it was always too high for them to climb. These "openings" only lasted for a few minutes and then the walls would become solid again. The most memorable for her was when they saw what she called "gold tablets" lying on the floor of the recess of one of these "openings." This lady was a Mormon, so her interpretation could have come from her religious upbringing, but I had gone to Zion for the purpose of being within the energy field of just such tablets. She did not tell me where this place was...she said she kept it to herself and did not wish to reveal it. However, the next day as my mother and friend and I were walking in the canyon, I was "told" to look up at the canyon wall, where I would find the "bear mark." I did so, and there was a black marking...presumably erosion...of what looked like three giant bear claws. It was revealed to me that beneath that marking was the "door" to the tablets from which I had come to receive the energy. At the very next opportunity, I told the Hurricane woman what had happened to me and where it was, including the bear claw marking. She went pale and said that that was the very place where she had seen the gold tablets.

Entering Zion's was for my mother and I, like entering another that was very "angelic" in nature. I have been to many sacred places since, but none had that feeling of pure angelic being that I experience there.

The Sinai Fragments:

In 1998 a friend of mine was going to Mt. Sinai. She was on a spiritual journey which was being guided in part through my communion with Thoth. It was revealed to me to tell her that when she ascended Mt. Sinai, she would find something in four please bring it back to me. She did this, looking to her feet and finding four fragments of a stone tablet with symbols on them. When she gave me the fragments I was told to hold onto them for at a future time, I would take them into the "Medicine Wheel" (an area in the Southwest radiating from the Four Corners of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado). There I would place these fragments into the hands of the "Hopi Tablet Keeper." He was to hold them and allow the energy to transfer into him. Then he was to return the tablets to me. All this came about. I moved to Crestone, Colorado, just within the Medicine Wheel. The Hopi Tablet Keeper came to Crestone to meet with a Tibetan master and at that time I was able to have a private audience with him (Simeon and I, along with a friend and the nephew of the Tablet Keeper). I placed the fragments into his hands and he spent something like 30 minutes in silence holding them.

When I returned to Zion in 2002 , carrying with me the Sinai Fragments, I had an experience of transferring the Sinai codes into Zion and receiving a "seed" back from Zion into the tablets.

The 12 Nodes of Zion

It has recently been revealed to me that in the 12 Gate of the Ascension Temple (Zion) there are 12 "nodes" which correspond to all the Gates in the complete Ascension Temple grid. Therefore, by working with these 12 nodes, one may access to a degree, all the Gates.

These nodes are all located relatively close together following the main canyon. They contained within well-known points.

The 12 Nodes are located as follows, numbered in accordance with their gate / chakra correspondent:

(1) Three Marys (part of the Towers of the Virgin)

(2) West Temple

(3) East Temple

(4) Altar of Sacrifice

(5) Mountain of the Sun

(6) Three Patriarchs

(7) Lady Mountain

(8) The Great White Throne (which is also the center point of the 12th Gate Ascension Temple)

(9) Angel's Landing

(10) Weeping Rock

(11) Temple of Sinawava

(12) Mountain of Mystery

In the "photo tour" I have included those which I took at Glen Canyon, Utah, The Coral Pink Sand Dunes  and Meteor Crater, both in Arizona. These stops were made on our trip to and from Zion and each of these locations are powerful portals in and of themselves. I feel that they were supportive and therefore inclusive within the whole Zion Passage for us.

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