Kochiea ~ Healing Ground

A large area of volcanic earth and petroglyphs near Alberquerque, New Mexico

This region is sacred to the Native Americans. Their myths reveal that the lava tubes are funnels into the future, guardianed by sacred beings. My akashic insights bring forth the name of "Kochiea"  or "Deep Passage" as the ancient name of the area.

In communing by a large petroglyph at Kochiea, I was visited by the spirit of one of it's guardians--Black Wolf.  He spoke into my heart that a later ancestor of his "Curious One" had etched the symbols on that rock, guided by his (Black Wolf's) presence. 

Black Wolf sang into my soul that he and I had the same totem. surely this is true, since my black wolf Shekinah transitioned in July of 2003. 


This pictrograph was made by "Curious One."

The story of "Black Wolf."

The Guardian

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